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At Rustici Software, we help companies implement standards like SCORM, the Experience API (xAPI), cmi5, LTI and AICC. As the world’s leading eLearning standards experts, we provide the tools and knowledge to help companies create, distribute, manage and play eLearning-compliant content.... Read more


At Rustici Software we help learning technology solutions play well together. We build software solutions that help organizations and technology providers implement and maintain eLearning standards. Whether you need to author or deliver SCORM-compliant content, you need an LRS to store xAPI statements or anything in between, we’re your people. Since 2002, we have helped thousands of organizations, LMSs, authoring tools, LRSs and content providers comply with standards like SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, LTI and AICC. We are active in the creation and development of the standards in partnership with ADL, IMS Global and the overall global eLearning community. We foster a spirit of delight and excellence through our belief in treating others how we would like to be treated, ideally, even better.... Read more


To live a life in which we have marked our days with memorable moments rooted in a sense of play and a deep intellectual curiosity. To show up each day with one another’s bests interests at heart, actively looking for ways to be of service to one another. To collaboratively create a world in which problems are solved in the simplest, most elegant and most affordable way possible.... Read more


At Rustici Software, we seek to identify and solve problems unique to learning and development professionals, identifying those that have a fitness for purpose for both our people and our software.

We aim to solve problems related to interoperability, helping the learning systems that organizations utilize and the learning technology providers offer communicate so they play well together. And to do so more cost-effectively, and with more delight than they could without our assistance.

We aim to make our company a place where very talented people want to work. We aspire to serve each and everyone we meet with empathy and a bit of panache, so that we can always be certain that the experience of collaborating with us is better than doing something on your own.
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Additional Culture Details

Rustici Software is first and foremost a collection of people who want to work here. This place is remarkable in that Rustici offers many freedoms, ranging from flexible hours and vacation schedules to concierge services. But more than that, Rustici Software is remarkable because everyone here cares more about living up to the expectations of their co-workers than just about anything else.

We understand that the problems we help customers solve are hard. Getting systems and content to play nicely together takes patience and an attention to detail that we embrace. We approach every interaction with customers, prospects and each other with empathy. We strive to bring delight to each conversation and provide the right mix of practicality and precision to help learning technologies play nicely together.
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Our software is responsible to the standards themselves, and we’re responsible to and for our people. We care more about solving a problem than the reason the problem exists. This constructive approach to software, this care, has allowed us to serve companies and community alike. At Rustici Software, we hire for communication skills and empathy in every role.


Franklin, TN


48 US Employees


Vertical Industry Software Products & Services

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