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At Rosen Nissan our employee team is like a family. We encourage honest and open communication. Employees are encouraged to discuss their questions, ideas, issues and suggestions with any member of the management team.

The goal of our store is to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. To accomplish that goal, we rely on everyone to work together. When we all work together we have the strength of a family. It is our belief that how we work together is reflected in how we work with our customers. If we treat each other with respect, our customers will feel it, and the essentials of trust and relationship will be there.
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The goal of our store is to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.... Read more


To maintain our reputation for excellence. ... Read more


Working together to acheive a common goal. ... Read more

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People are our most important asset. Your work is very important to our continued growth. The better our product quality and service, the more secure jobs are here. Each employee represents Rosen Nissan in their contact with customers. Our actions and attitude can strengthen us or can turn customers or other employees against us. We have everything to lose by losing our professionalism. If just once we fail to serve our customer, they may leave us and never return. The message that they carry to others may turn them away too. When we do our job, we help solve our customer’s problems, and we create successes that help create more opportunities for us all.... Read more


Milwaukee, WI


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