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Rose Companies

Jonathan Rose Companies is a national development, owner’s representative and investment management firm. The company’s mission is to strengthen communities of opportunity by developing innovative real estate solutions that build value, enhance resilience, and cultivate wellbeing. The work of Jonathan Rose Companies touches many aspects of community health. We work with cities and not-for-profits to build green, affordable and mixed-income housing, along with cultural, health and educational infrastructure. We also advocate that neighborhoods be enriched with parks and nature, mass transit, jobs, healthful food and places of contemplation. Since its founding in 1989, the firm has completed over $3.2 billion of work. The company is widely recognized as a leader for design excellence, walkability and economic, social and ecological responsibility, creating successful models that also enhance the ability of their residents, communities and cities to thrive.... Read more


Jonathan Rose Companies believes that every resident of every community deserves an equal opportunity to thrive. We apply the transformative power of connected, integrative, well-designed, thoughtfully programmed places to restore the balance between humans and nature and to increase well-being. Our goal is for each project to be a replicable model of environmental, social and economic responsibility, creating plans, buildings, communities and investments that learn from and contribute to the growing body of positive solutions to the challenges of 21st century cities.... Read more


Restoring the Promise of Communities - We envision a world in which every community is an ecological, social and economic landscape of opportunity, unleashing the capacity of its members to contribute to and benefit from regenerative communities.... Read more


Our mission is to cultivate a company that can regenerate the fabric of communities, by creating Communities of Opportunity, in which every resident and employee has equitable access to opportunity, environmental quality, health and wellbeing.... Read more


Nurturing The Common Good
Our wellbeing flows from the health of the ecology of all life on earth and a fair and just human society. It can support us only if we support it. The common good encompasses the greater planetary health, as well as the local ecologies in which we work; the social, health, education and other systems which support our residents; the neighborhoods in which our properties sit; our communities of residents and staff, and the company and its systems. Our wellbeing flows from the health of all of these. We will work to nurture the common good. Nurturing the common good is the basis of our Environmental and Communities of Opportunity work. And it calls on us to attend to the company as a commons, attending to its people, systems and financial resources needed for our company to thrive.


New York, NY


440 US Employees


Property Management

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