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For more than 40 years, Richcroft has been supporting the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Central Maryland. Richcroft provides an array of residential supports, personal supports, and meaningful day programs, which foster independence and support individuals in building a meaningful quality of life. Our mission is to create opportunities and cultivate relationships to help people live their best possible life. Our company culture is based on respect, kindness and empathy for each client, their family members and each member of our staff.... Read more


The purpose of Richcroft is to provide supports which empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to develop their independence, become more integrated and valued members of the community, and to assist them in living more meaningful lives as defined by their own individual goals, interests, and aspirations.

With a compassionate, talented and highly trained staff, Richcroft provides a unique array of residential services, one-on-one personalized support in homes and in the community, and individually customized day service options to help people live their best lives. We listen closely to the needs of the communities where serve, and grow to meet those needs.
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Richcroft envision's a society where every individual has the opportunity to participate in a society where their abilities, rather than their disabilities, are recognized.... Read more


The mission of Richcroft is to create opportunities and cultivate relationships that enable every person to live their best life.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Richcroft believes in a philosophy of servant leadership - a leadership style that prioritizes the growth, well-being, and empowerment of employees, with the goal of creating an inclusive environment where every person is able to thrive. Servant leadership puts employees first to establish the culture of the organization through their own commitment and engagement. We believe that servant leadership fosters greater trust and accountability among our staff, and leads to a better experience for everyone, participants and staff included. Several years ago our mission statement was revised to demonstrate our commitment to the belief that we should provide the greatest experiences for not only the individuals with disabilities that we support, but also for the dedicated staff that provide the support day in and day out.... Read more


Empathy and kindness go a long way. Richcroft has built a culture where inclusion and respect for everyone are a defining part of our identity.


Hunt Valley, MD


475 US Employees


Human & Social Services

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Of the people I work with

It allows me to meet new people and challenge myself also it gives me the flexibility I need to have a life outside of work.

I’m appreciated and supported. I enjoy helping the people we serve

Richcroft is the best company anybody can work for.

I love my job because it does not even feel like working! I am able to make a positive impact in my individuals' lives, while helping them grow and become part of their larger communities.

I have the support of the company and they encourage me to be the best DSP I can be for my client.

I feel like Upper management (Kevin) really, really care about the DSP's at Richcroft. My supervisor is amazing and for the most part our house work together. We have a care for the individuals where the feel loved. Im grateful to be apart of that environment.

A job I was looking for.

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