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Each new hire is sent an electronic onboarding package with a video from our CEO. They are provided a supply box and given bank clothing immediately on their first day. We have a trainer that is with them the whole day and sits down with each employee to ensure easy access to all IT equipment and to assist them with setting up their accounts.

We provide funding for growth, acquisitions, equipment loans, operating lines of credit, commercial real estate, SBA, USDA, and more. We also offer cash management, mobile deposits, and a host of other business services. We endeavor to deploy the latest banking technology to supply the most timely and highest-quality information. Guided by a set of core values that set us apart in the world of banking, the entire Regent team does whatever it takes to add value to our clients’ everyday business.
Regent Bank’s slogan is “Passion to Serve” because we are passionate about our clients, communities and shareholders. Banking is not just a job for us, it’s personal. We are emotionally invested in the success of those we serve.
Our mission statement is “Regent Bank passionately serves our clients to help them achieve their dreams.
Bring Your “A” Game Everyday
We strive to bring our absolute very best every single day. We know that (especially in our industry), people are counting on us and there is no time to NOT be excellent in everything we do.
Enjoy the Journey
We make sure to take time to celebrate our wins and try to make sure we are enjoying every moment as we move forward.
Have a Sense of Urgency
As a financial institution, we are stewards of people's livelihoods and the lifeblood of their businesses and we take that responsibility very seriously. We move with purpose to answer emails, set up meetings and get documents to our customers in a more timely manner than anyone else.
Go Above and Beyond
We believe in the essence of "WOW" customer service. We also believe in the same principle internally with each other as a team. In our organization, you'll find countless examples of staff members going the extra mile with each other and our clients. We want to see people's jaws drop because they are experiencing something exponentially better from us than what's considered "normal".
Always be Truthful and Transparent
We are quick to handle any issues without it leading to gossip & we don't keep secrets from each other in the organization. It also shouldn't catch you by surprise on whether we are doing good or bad. That's why we share up front information about the status of the bank with our team during monthly all staff meetings and weekly check-ins.
Show You Care
This is our cornerstone value. It's what all of our other core values hinge on. We do all of the things our core values, vision and mission represent because at the end of the day, it's not just a's about actually caring about what matters to others.
Be a Lifelong Learner
We believe the path to learning never stops. You'll never know EVERYTHING, and even if you're the ultimate expert in an area, there's something more that you can improve upon.
Tulsa, OK
118 US Employees


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