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Quovant is a premier legal spend and matter management solutions provider focused on developing technology and delivering services to corporate legal departments, claims and risk departments throughout the United States and Europe. Quovant addresses matter management, e-billing and spend management software needs, with the added ability to include the human element when needed. From fully automated legal e-billing, to legal spend workflow and analytics, outside counsel management technology and services, and everything in between, Quovant picks up where traditional corporate legal technology providers leave off.

Quovant is a premier legal spend management and data analytics provider focused on developing technology and delivering services to corporate legal, claims and risk management departments in the US and Europe. Some of the world's most recognized brands, including over 10% of the Fortune 100, trust Quovant. Our Nashville-based team of legal professionals, data analysts, business intelligence and software experts work closely with our clients to establish best practice billing guidelines, ensure billing compliance, and uncover actionable insights and analytics that lead to better business decisions, operational efficiencies and cost savings.
Be Best in Class: We lead our category, so every facet of our brand—from products to marketing to one-on-one conversations—must be refined, well- designed and carefully crafted.
Remain Trusted: Our clients have more than 20 years of proof that our products perform. And they know they can count on us to do what we say.
Be Approachable: Everyone feels welcomed by our brand. There is a sense of ease in everything we do and say.
Stay Fresh: We are a modern tech business doing very important work. We aren’t whimsical, but we aren’t stuffy. We’re more like an affable friend people want to hear from.
Be Energetic: We approach our work with passion and curiosity—always l ooking for new ways to improve—and it shows every time our brand is presented.
Be Objective: We want what’s best for our customers, so we take an impartial look at how their firms are performing and provide complete transparency into the results—not hiding the bad news or overestimating the good.
Be Savvy: We know our business and we know it well. This isn’t arrogance, it’s confidence, and it allows our audiences to experience our experience.
Nashville, TN
72 US Employees
Legal Spend and Matter Management Technology


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