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We are Qualcomm, the world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies. For more than 25 years, Qualcomm ideas and inventions have driven the evolution of digital communications, linking people everywhere more closely to information, entertainment and each other. Qualcomm is best known as the company that pioneered CDMA technology, which is now used in wireless networks and handsets all over the world.

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm, Inc., headquartered in San Diego with offices in San Jose and Taiwan. The mirasol display is the industry’s first to use interferometric modulation (IMOD); a micro-electro-mechanical systems-based technology capable of creating color from ambient reflected light. Qualcomm’s mirasol displays are bi-stable, energy efficient, offer refresh rates to support interactive content and are highly reflective, allowing for superb viewing quality in a wide range of environmental conditions, including bright sunlight. With applications in a variety of mobile devices, mirasol displays support Qualcomm’s overall strategy of mobile innovation by enabling a compelling viewing experience with significantly less power.
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San Diego, CA


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