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Qentelli is a Services provider helping organizations bring their native mindset into the digital medium using technology as an enabler positively contributing to Top-line and Bottom-line. We accelerate such transformational engagements through the adoption of mainstream technologies such as DevOps, Automation; cutting edge technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning; and our home-grown AI-infused frameworks.... Read more


To make intelligent Quality Engineering a reality to deliver future-ready applications that can serve - The ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity expected from today’s business.... Read more


•    Be the World’s Best Technology company.
•    Build a culture that supports Qentellects - Our employees who provide exceptional service to our customers.
•    Bring real-time and absolute visibility into the technology and its operations as it progresses through each stage of the lifecycle.
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•    Transform applications by applying the Core principles the software was built on.
•    Achieve business assurance goals through engineering assurance.
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Additional Culture Details

Qentelli has always been non-negotiable about two things – the quality of business value and the quality of human value. Culture has been an inseparable part of Qentelli’s success story. We define culture as the collective behavior of Qentellects. We find our culture a powerful element that shapes our work satisfaction, productivity, relationships, and conduct. Here are some of our ideas that helped us build a happy and inclined workplace:
•    We celebrate capabilities that are brought to the table and empower each other.
•    Qentelli believes in the power of awareness. It re-adjusts company procedures, policies, and practices by frequently assessing and analyzing the company’s strengths and weaknesses. It also encourages employees to develop sub-cultures for better interaction and effective performance.
•    Qentelli ensures every contributor knows what is expected from them and equips them to achieve that. Employing various communication tools has helped employees blur the lines of silos and improve the flow of information and quality of conversations.
•    Qentelli leads with a culture of ‘Yes’ to challenges, and great things happen since we believe in the “Fail Fast, Learn Faster” philosophy.

Building a positive and productive environment with a people-first approach has helped with organizational growth.
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Our values constitute People, Culture, Technology, Innovation, Excellence, and Integrity.


Dallas, TX


80 US Employees


Custom Software Development & Consulting

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