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PSC is an independent, nonpartisan consulting firm that is trusted, respected, and engaged in our community. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for residents of Michigan and beyond through the development and implementation of innovative, actionable public policies.... Read more


PSC believes in the power of good public policy and envisions a world shaped by thoughtful discourse and rigorous research that transcends partisanship for the benefit of all.... Read more


PSC is a force in public policy. Our problem-solving strategies and creative solutions enable us to inform and influence policymaking.... Read more


Improving the quality of life for residents of Michigan and beyond through the development and implementation of innovative, actionable public policies.... Read more

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At PSC, we are more than just a force in public policy—we are a force in friendship, collegiality, kindness, and trust. The deep care and dedication we have for each other and our communities shines through in our quirky personalities, varied interests and unyielding commitment to clients.

Two factors consistently standout when defining the intangible force behind PSC's wonky and dynamic culture: passion for our work and genuine support for our people.

As a certified women-owned small business, we rely on that unique perspective to prioritize creating a forum for all voices to be heard. We deeply value consensus building and tune in to the challenges associated with marginalization. Clients come to us because they face tough challenges of all kinds and need innovative, thoughtful solutions. They know the bright and capable PSC crew will dive in wholeheartedly, analyzing the issue and researching outcomes. We approach our work with deep care and meticulous attention to detail because we are passionate about creating effective systems and sound policy.

We delight in the fact that our work has a meaningful impact on the quality of life for many people. Though we work efficiently to hit deadlines and produce timely, relevant material, we never sacrifice our standards. We collaborate and welcome feedback from our peers, submitting our work for data and analytics reviews, editing, formatting, and design to polish and perfect the information we put out into the world. Through clearly defined roles and expectations as well as regular check-ins and annual performance reviews, we explicitly articulate our high standards and create supportive systems to lift one another up and achieve our goals.

PSCers are smart, reliable, and capable, and yet we are lifelong learners, each working to improve and grow. With incredible confidence in one another, PSCers band together to tackle challenges, share triumphs, and cultivate lessons learned. Some of the ways we do this is through team-based project management, communities of practice, ad-hoc committees, DEI round tables, and book clubs, where PSCers learn from each other and contribute to better outcomes for our client, our communities and ourselves. We don’t let egos or territorialism get in the way of excellence. Instead, staff are driven toward self-improvement, making use of the many professional development opportunities PSC provides to sharpen our abilities, as we seek to learn and grow together. We work hard, and it is rare that we grind away in a silo—we rely on each other to share ideas, articles, tools, and explore insights. Occasionally we just need to nerd out together, rejoicing in the light-hearted atmosphere of the office.

PSC is a family, and each PSCer plays an important role in the firm’s health and success. Each team member’s work and experience is valuable, real, and vivid, which all lend to our strong sense of respect and trust for one another. Because of this, we celebrate the fact that a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and opinions can only enhance our strengths. We foster a welcoming environment for everyone. This is realized through annual company-wide strategic planning sessions, where all team members set objectives for PSC and have a hand in carrying them through. We also celebrate each other’s successes monthly in staff meetings and by enjoying company-sponsored outings, parties, and retreats. We respect, trust, and need each other, and when we reach our goals, we do so as a team. When one of us wins, we all win.

We believe our staff are more than the work they do. They are whole beings with social, emotional, and physical lives. At PSC, we celebrate this whole individual, allowing us to strike a work-life balance that invites the wellness of home into the office. Every employee receives a gym membership and has access to financial advisors as well as healthy food options in the kitchen. PSC’s culture is driven by this unique, complex, and intimate care for our people, and it extends to our clients, families, and neighbors. You will often run into PSCers volunteering in the community through company-sponsored volunteer days or supporting organizations near and dear to their hearts.
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Our work process is collaborative, rigorous, objective, thoughtful, and inclusive.


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