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We don’t just imagine a better world; we help to create it. Our technology helps industrial companies to create value for themselves, their customers, and the world. From hospital equipment with increased uptime and a spacesuit that is just as durable at half the weight, to more sustainable buildings and more efficient manufacturing—each improvement our technology helps to create, makes our world a better place. Through a combination of our Augmented Reality, Industrial IoT, PLM and CAD solutions, PTC technology has helped our customers achieve some impressive results. Fast paced and highly charged by its purpose, The Power to Create, PTC is the rare technology powerhouse that delivers on the promise of work/life balance. Beginning with an inclusive and diverse workforce for all, employees enjoy easy camaraderie within a customer-centric atmosphere founded on boldness, agility, excellence, innovation, passion, and fun.... Read more


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Additional Culture Details

In a technology company like PTC, our most critical assets are our talented employees. As our President & CEO Jim Heppelmann has said, “It is important that our employees’ voices are heard, their perspectives are welcomed, and their impact is valued…We remain focused on maintaining a culture of innovation and inclusion.” Over the last several years, we have undergone a significant and tremendously positive cultural transformation. At PTC, we keenly understand the fast-paced and changing nature of our industry and world. We are committed as a company to the necessary and continued evolution that will allow us to best serve our employees, customers, and communities for years to come.... Read more


Boldness & Agility
Our team spirit is bold, ambitious, and decisive—and it is the essence of our success. We believe in taking calculated risks, failing fast, learning from the experience, and recovering quickly. We’re execution oriented but we’re agile and resilient along the way.


Boston, MA


2,300 US Employees


Vertical Industry Software Products & Services

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  • 2021

What employees are saying

PTC acknowledges and appreciates their employees. This company is constantly surprising me with new ways that they support their employees and the PTC community as a whole. This year has thrown curveball after curveball and PTC has dealt with each situation almost effortlessly. PTC consistently gives me reason to be a proud employee. My coworkers and manager foster an innovative and supportive environment where the sky is the limit! I feel comfortable to be myself at work and I feel comfortable sharing my opinions at work, two things that are rarely possible in an office environment.

I love the innovative and cutting edge technologies I work on. In addition, the technologies are challenging but my team mates are able to help out when I am stuck. Team mates and managers tend to encourage one another and appreciate instead of discourage. New ideas are always welcome.

I feel valued and like my ideas/concerns/thoughts are taken seriously. I believe in what we sell and that we are the best in the industry. I think there is great focus on career growth no matter your race, gender, sexuality, etc. If you deserve a raise/promotion/recognition you are going to get it. I love the socials, the office, the people that work here!

I get to work with many different departments and people, and make it possible for customers to use a product in their local language. My job has many different facets which I immensely enjoy and which keeps it interesting.

I get to do what I love. I am passionate about manufacturing, and I get to work with cool software and talk to interesting people and I spend my days learning on a topic I'm already passionate about (CAD software and the implementation of tech in Manufacturing )

I have worked in other environments where I was not respected for the effort that I had done. At PTC, I have felt that my efforts have been rewarded.

I love this job because the technologies are innovative, plus team members and managers encourage collaboration. You can always talk to someone on your team to understand what is happening.

I get to work with good people trying hard to do the right thing for the company and our customers. I have flexibility and work/life balance. I enjoy the technical problems I get to solve.

My manager provides me work that stimulates me creatively and gives me the opportunities to grow as a creator and employee.

I have a work life balance, i have enough time throughout the day to complete my tasks and still can enjoy summer friday's

Whenever I set career goals, whether short-term or long-term, I feel heard and acknowledged by my manager. They care about my career development and put effort into supporting me with my goals. They make sure I am engaged with the rest of the team, even if I am the least senior team member. I feel that the managers I have had embody the values at PTC.

There is always something new to learn, the company is constantly changing and growing in an exciting way. The work I do excites me and the people I work with build me up.

I am part of a team. This is not just a job for me. My team, my manager are thinking about the wellbeing of their employees and they do care about them. I feel like I am a part of a big family.

my co-workers and managers show genuine appreciation for what i contribute to the team. I can discuss issues and problems freely without being shut down, and my leadership takes these comments seriously and follows through with doing whatever they can to resolve them. i feel like my role on the team matters and what i do matters.

I feel genuinely valued and supported. I hope I can be as good a team member as my team are to me.

Company Snapshots

PTC's global headquarters, located at 121 Seaport Blvd. in the heart of Boston's Innovation District, was designed with collaboration in mind. From standard workstations that feature dual-monitors, to varying-sized meeting rooms, to soft-seating options, there is a space built for anything you can imagine.
All employees enjoy open and unassigned workstations in our headquarters at 121 Seaport, even our President & CEO, Jim Heppelmann.
PTC's global headquarters, located at 121 Seaport Blvd. in the heart of Boston's Innovation District, offers panoramic views of the waterfront and the city. This is the backdrop to innovation and creativity.
PTC has a strong network of Employee Resource Groups, including Asian Employees at PTC, Black Employees at PTC, Women at PTC, PRISM: LGBTQ+ ERG, PTC Veterans, HOLA, Green@PTC, and more. These groups help to build connection among employees, offer educational programming, and company-wide social opportunities. In June 2019, PRISM organized PTC employees to walk in the 49th Annual Boston Pride Parade!
Employees enjoy weekly socials on Thursday afternoons. Socials are often sponsored by groups within PTC, and incorporate fun activities to bring together employees. Some examples include PRISM's annual costume contest at Halloween, HOLA's Cinco de Mayo social, and the celebration of significant product releases.