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ProLink Stafffing Overview

ProLink Staffing connect clients with talent solutions via contract, contract-to-hire, direct placement and management services across a wide variety of industries. We believe the right team is more critical than ever for any organization’s success, which is why our exhaustive screening processes, in-depth client analysis and other workforce optimization tools have proven invaluable to clients and talent alike. Since opening our doors in 2011, we have experienced rapid growth and so expanded into over a dozen new markets throughout the U.S. ProLink has appeared on several competitive growth lists, including the INC 500, and recently won the Staffing Industry Analysts’ Best Staffing Firms to Work For. We provide our team with extensive opportunities for development, so they can use ProLink as their vehicle of personal, professional and financial growth. We are committed to finding top talent, and we will do it the best way we know how: by learning, growing, and connecting.

Our purpose is to make the ProLink legacy come to life.
ProLink is the vehicle to get you where you want to go personally, professionally and financially.
Client We optimize workforces better than anyone else by being a true partner to our clients. 
Talent We link our talent with more and better opportunities than anyone else. 
Team We empower our teams with the right blend of independence and guidance so they can go further, personally, professionally and financially.
Additional Culture Details
At ProLink, we believe culture ultimately wins over strategy, so we devote an enormous amount of energy to fostering a positive and growth-focused culture. Some examples of those efforts are listed below:
Flexible career paths
A robust orientation program
Mentoring programs in which new staff can learn from seasoned team members and expedite their immersion into the ProLink culture
Women in leadership program
All-inclusive PTO program
A wide variety of continued education opportunities to support staff in their growth through the ProLink enterprise
Leadership development programs
Daily check-ins to promote awareness of team activity and accountability to goals
Quarterly development plans that use SMART goals to help each team member go further, professionally, personally and financially
A wide variety of community involvement opportunities, such as our annual fundraiser and 5K Dash Bash, which makes giving back easier and more accessible for our teams
A wide variety of opportunities for company-wide recognition and awards
A wide variety of team building activities, such as team lunches, happy hours, seasonal parties and more

Tenure does not matter; if you have a good idea for how to improve the company, management encourages you to speak up and voice it.
Family First.
Everything we do starts with the people we serve—our clients, our talent, our team. We consider them family because family is in our DNA.
Here We Grow.
To do right by the family, we have to grow the family. That means we set aggressive goals and we hold each other accountable to them always.
Energy Positive.
Growth requires a lot of energy, literally. Fortunately, we are powerhouses, which means we constantly rise to the challenge of serving our clients, our talent and our team with passion.
Linked by Empathy.
To grow with people, you have to get people. Deeply. That means feeling their pain and being vulnerable in return. We believe empathy is the foundation of meaningful relationships and we live it out every single day.
Start Smart.
We are agile thinkers and strategic leaders. We understand that to serve our family, we have to constantly evolve our playbook to make sure we move smart, fast and, most importantly, forward.
Keep Calm and Power on.
This one is simple. With the above in place, we power on. And on. And on. And on. And on.
Cincinnati, OH
295 US Employees


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