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Project Genesis, Inc.

Project Genesis is a non-profit corporation dedicated to serving Connecticut adults and students who have disabilities by providing individualized supports and training which empower them to successfully meet their needs, achieve their desires, and enjoy the full range of life experiences within their communities.... Read more


Project Genesis empowers people with disabilities to courageously pursue their educational, career, and life goals--in the communties of their choice.... Read more


Everyone has the right to a full range of life experiences. And each person who desires to learn, live and work in their community can be successful, regardless of the obstacles they face. To achieve this vision for our consumers, Project Genesis pursues organizational strategies that challenge us to deliver high quality, customized services throughout Connecticut, share our expertise with others, and explore new opportunities to grow and collaborate. We are committed to being an employer of choice, and seek to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.... Read more


Project Genesis is dedicated to providing individualized supports and training, which empower people with disabilities to successfully meet their needs, achieve their desires, and enjoy the full range of life experiences within their communities.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

At Project Genesis, we recognize that our employees are our greatest resource. Our reputation has been earned by their excellence, and in return, they are met with an award-winning workplace culture that challenges, nurtures and values them.

Our employees share a passion for making a difference, one person at a time. To help turn that passion into meaningful results, employees receive thorough training, regular feedback, and growth opportunities, enabling them to deliver high quality services and advance their career.

Project Genesis provides training to new employees beginning on day one: A full-day orientation covers topics such as HIPAA, Universal Precautions, Professional Boundaries, and Abuse and Neglect. After that, on-going training is provided on a variety of relevant topics, including: Anger Management, Person-Centered Approach, Self-Care, Life Skills, Bullying, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Mandated Reporter, LGBT True Colors training, Job Coaching, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and techniques of mindfulness.

Project Genesis has developed career paths to meet agency needs and employees' ranging interests and skill sets, including horizonal moves to learn more about the various agency programs, and vertical moves to develop their expertise in one area and potentially grow into a leadership role.

Through our Employee Recognition Program, individuals are recognized for significant work anniversaries, life events, and achievements in support of the agency’s mission and strategies. When recognizing employee performance accomplishments, supervisors use an individualized process to select actions meaningful to the person.
We survey our employees regularly, and they express appreciation for their relationships with their managers, the flexibility provided to do their jobs, and their hours. And of course, they deeply enjoy the opportunity to work with our consumers and contribute to their quality of life.

Truly, Project Genesis employees are empowered to develop the best in themselves and others.
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Individualized Service
Each person receiving services is unique and deserves to have our support focused on their own, specific dreams and goals. Since our inception, our commitment to individualized services has set us apart.


Willimantic, CT


257 US Employees


Human & Social Services

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