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PrizePicks is the pioneering operator of Single Player Fantasy (SPF) sports in North America and the ultimate companion tool to enjoying professional sports of all kinds. Since our inception, we have taken the traditional, team-based model of fantasy sports and turned the focus on the statistical performance (i.e., over/under) of individual players, allowing our members to combine (i.e., “parlay”) different athletes and different sports in fun, creative ways (e.g., LeBron James and Tom Brady). Over time, the breadth of our sports offerings has gotten wider and inclusive of niche audiences (e.g., cornhole, disc golf) while our user experience has become more immersive (e.g., single-statistic plays, in-game plays). The result is the closest alternative to legalized sports betting, one that embraces the essence of competition and consumer engagement, the latter supported by vibrant social media channels and unparalleled 24/7 customer support.... Read more


Our vision is one that we believe evolves with the changing desires and needs of our members, whose viewing and consumption habits similarly evolve with changes to professional sports and television. From our founding through 2021, our vision was to become the No. 1 Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) Over/Under game operator, an accolade we have well earned. By 2023, we seek to be defined as the No. 1 Single-Player DFS provider, a category for which we consider ourselves a founding member.... Read more


Our mission has been crystallized from the start. Not only is online sports betting not legal across the entire United States, but there are people for whom it is simply not a preferred form of entertainment. Our mission is to be the most exciting companion to the daily sports viewing experience by capturing the best of what’s made fantasy sports popular over the last 20 years and marrying that with a user experience that mirrors much of what can be found in legal sports betting. The result is a “best of both worlds” experience that led us to onboarding more than 300,000 new members in 2021 and paying out more than $130 million in winnings across millions of transactions.... Read more

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forever altered the workplace in the United States and led myriad companies to change or entirely reinvent their work culture. One could argue that PrizePicks has been fostering a post-COVID workplace culture long before the pandemic impacted daily life. In addition to providing perks that encourage work-life balance – e.g., generous and flexible vacation time, comprehensive benefits, etc. – employees are only required to be at the PrizePicks HQ office from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. each day. Meetings are concentrated during those hours and employees are otherwise free to complete their work at home and avoid Atlanta’s gnarling traffic. COVID-19 obviously exacerbated this flexibility and fully remote work is both accepted and encouraged. During the height of the first wave of the pandemic in 2020, PrizePicks moved its executive team to Barbados, where it was better able to provide the company’s 24/7/365 customer support with a full, in-person team.... Read more


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Atlanta, GA


65 US Employees


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