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Power Design is a National Design Build Contractor, focused on innovative construction across multiple trades: electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and systems technologies. Since 1989, we’ve disrupted the industry by putting next-generation ideas to powerful, practical use because we care. We design breakthrough solutions that push the limits of what’s possible by harnessing the collaborative power of our teams to elevate experiences and empower the communities where we live and work. In an industry that tends to look back, we’re building better by staying grounded in our values, dedicated to our unique culture, and supportive of work-life balance – making us built to last. By investing in our people and doing things differently, we’re designing what’s next.... Read more


Our mission is to be the most trusted partner. With passion and accountability, we will deliver unmatched performance and a plusONE experience. At Power Design we build more than just buildings - we build relationships that last.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

We do things big, especially when it comes to celebrating success on the jobsite! Each time we’re awarded a new job, we celebrate with our Ring the Bell program. To announce the exciting news of new work, we play the project region’s custom-picked theme song with a message from our COO congratulating them on their big win. Along with a company-wide email with our newest project’s details, our Estimating team literally “rings the bell” by hitting our hi-striker!

But it’s not just about winning jobs for us, it’s also about doing the best work possible on those jobs. And how we measure that, is with our CRUSHED IT program. When a project hits the trifecta of meeting all three targets of jobsite safety, plusONE customer satisfaction survey scores, and stellar financial performance, that means the job has CRUSHED IT! Kong’s roar and that project’s region song is heard throughout the GRID along with sending another company-wide email with project details. To celebrate the project team’s job well done, they also receive a $50 credit to access exclusive Power Design gear and project cards!

In addition to celebrating our jobsite wins, we have a recognition program called Answering the Call for Excellence (ACE) for employees who demonstrate our core values. To drive home the importance of our values and recognize employees who exemplify them, we developed “ACE Awards.” Any employee can submit a team member for recognition, and each quarter, we conduct a drawing for a cash prize!
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We earn trust through honesty, fairness, and respect.

Featured Awards

What employees are saying

I feel empowered and responsible. I have never worked for an organization who makes me feel more wanted and appreciated than I do here at PDI. This feeling of appreciation makes me feel more passionate and responsible for the work I perform.

They trust me to do my job They make sure I have the material and personnel to do my job Management backed me up every step of the way Make me take responsibility and ownership of my job Makes me feel as I am truly one of the team

I love what I do - and am constantly pushed to do better and better, and meet higher standards with every project. I love the people I work with and feel that all of us have the same care and dedication to our positions.

PDI does an INCREDIBLE job making every team member feel like they are an integral part of the puzzle. There isn’t emphasis on the success of a single individual, but rather the success as a team. Of course, there are awards and shoutouts to individuals who go above and beyond, and they don’t get missed either. You are supported here, rewarded here, and very well taken care of.

I love my job because of my team; they truly make a difference. Their dedication and competitiveness to be the best genuinely promote the best in you. In addition, one of the things that have marked me the most is the company's interest in investing in its employees, promoting knowledge, and expending countless resources for the employee to grow and perform at their best. I would have never guessed PDI was this way. I am very happy to be an ambassador for PDI.

They take care of me and my family. They support my career goals. Very family first here. Lots of room for growth within the company.

I am allowed to do my job to the fullest with all the tools that I need. I love my job because I love the company and everything Power Design stands for.

I get to provide something meaningful to people, designing places they can enjoy every day.

I feel an appreciation that I have never received anywhere else

They provide so much in order to help me be successful. They also understand that there needs to be a work/life balance.

I am challenged to be at my best all the time. PDI allows for the work life balance that i am looking for. I get to work with and around other people that are very good at their job.


Because of the freedom i get to do my job, The balance PDI consistently encourages between working hard and playing hard(family time). and the People here are amazing,

I love my job because I feel like I matter and I make a difference

There is such a positive vibe based around teamwork and growing and learning together. There is no limit to your teammate growth opportunity.

I get to do what I enjoy and there are always new things to learn with the opportunity to better myself.

This work environment gives me the ability to learn my role more in depth, I have a team that is there to help, I am eager to work and give it my best!

The level of respect we have for each other is amazing. Power Design is where the best of the best work.

This is what I wanted to do all my life I can take care of my kids on my own now thanks to pdi

I love what I do and Power Design enables me to be my very best at my job.

PDI is definitely the most employee focused place I have ever worked. It makes me feel welcome and appreciated, and all the activities and employee enrichment make it a great place to work.

It is the best company in the world; The company is a great place to growth as a person and as a professional.

I have support anywhere I go, relationships I've built will last a lifetime, I feel as though I have a purpose, and I enjoy my job.

Power Design offers so much more than any other company I've worked for! I genuinely feel like I'm just learning and growing here. Although I'm new to the industry, my director (Edwin) has been helpful getting my acclimated. I love that PDI respects the work life balance needs.

At PDI we are allowed to express our ideas and make decisions accordingly to the tasks that we are doing. They allow us to grow within the company and move up in our careers.

I can apply my ideas and knowledge while every day I learn new techniques and theories of the work I do, it is never boring, there are always new things to learn and new challenges to conquer.

I am not only given great opportunity for success, but I am also given the tools, training and support to succeed far more than any other organization.

Power Design has given me opportunities that I needed to take my career to the next level and continue to grow into a position of both greater responsibility but also greater pay and rewards.

I am given the ability to be as successful as I’ve always wanted to be!

Company Snapshots

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