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Brokerage and Retail Merchandising Services within the grocery sector.... Read more


A unique and highly involved partner with the deep experience, know-how and insights to truly impact the success of Kroger and their Suppliers.... Read more


Driven to be Kroger and their suppliers’ single service provider, fulfilling all corporate, division, and store needs.... Read more


To positively and measurably impact the sales and margins of Kroger Our Brands in all divisions serviced by our company, and to support Kroger initiatives at the Corporate, Division and Store level.... Read more

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Our Story: Some people get up in the morning because they have a job to do. Others get up because they feel a deep sense of responsibility. They know that what they do matters, that a great number of people rely on their intense focus, their attention to every detail, their willingness to do whatever is asked, to be present and accounted for when duty calls. Each and every one of us at P.L. Marketing knows that what we do impacts so many people, and most importantly, impacts the success of one of the of the world's largest grocery chains and their many valued Suppliers. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. We come every day ready to take on the next challenge. No hurdle is too high, no request too daunting.
Together, all of us at P.L. Marketing, Kroger and their Suppliers make a powerful team, standing together, doing everything possible in whatever capacity is required to move Kroger forward.
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We are ethical in everything we do and everything we say. Our word has meaning , and Kroger and their valued Suppliers know they can trust us to always do the right thing in any situation.


Newport, KY


3,200 US Employees


Food / Grocery

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