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Pettigrew & Associates P.A. Overview

Pettigrew & Associates, a woman-owned small business established in 1965, is a full service surveying, civil and geotechnical engineering and construction services firm located in Southeastern New Mexico. Our qualified regional firm of over 50 employees serves New Mexico,
Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Utah and Washington. Not only does our firm provide quality professional services to a wide array of large and small clients, we provide services to 90% of those clients AGAIN and AGAIN. Our clients continually choose Pettigrew & Associates because our firm has proven for over half a century that our technical competence, cutting-edge technological standards, adherence to budgets and unparalleled integrity set us apart from other firms.

Our goal is to achieve a position of respect and integrity as a technologically advanced, quality oriented firm.
Our management team – from first level supervision to the president – have spent meaningful time in the field, giving them a unique perspective helpful for guiding and directing employees. With a strong commitment to respect and care for every individual, we evaluate strengths and cross-train across departments accordingly. Our goal is to ensure each person reaches his or her
full potential while working in a fun and successful environment. Our goal is to achieve a position
of respect and integrity as a technologically advanced, quality oriented firm.
We are wholly committed and dedicated to the highest of ethical standards. Our integrity is
based upon honesty, perseverance and professionalism. We achieve these goals by devoting our energy within Pettigrew & Associates towards sharing a loving, prideful, fault-free learning environment with a genuine respect for each individual as an integral part of the whole.
Additional Culture Details
As a family owned business, the leaders at PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES strives to bring core values of integrity, hard work, and compassion to the business world. Over the years, we continually maintained a strong commitment to quality, professionalism, and the highest of ethical standards as we seek to provide services that will ultimately help improve the lives of citizens in the respective communities served.

Personal reputation and memories are all you are left with in the end, which is why we work hard to provide an honest and nurturing environment where employees feel good about what they do and truly become part of the PETTIGREW family. As family members, we may not always agree, but the innovative culture at PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES encourages a learning environment where employees can feel free to share ideas as we work toward the common goal of sustaining excellence in delivering quality service. We believe in developing an atmosphere that fosters talent, drive and contributions to our professions and our communities.

While day-to-day operations are crucial to the firm’s existence and company well-being, we believe our employees – as family – always come first. Our people are clearly our greatest asset. That same belief and PETTIGREW culture extends beyond our employees and embraces the spouses, children, and other family members of our associates, giving us what we believe is a competitive advantage in today’s business world.
Hobbs, NM
50 US Employees


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