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Pentucket Bank

Pentucket Bank bears the same name it has had for 125 years.and remains privately owned. The Bank received its Mutual Banking Charter in March of 1891 and opened for business four hours a week at 35 Washington Street in Haverhill. We focus on employees, the needs of our communities and the long term development of the Bank and its customers. We are committed to remaining a safe and profitable mutual bank for many, many years to come.

Since the doors first opened, Pentucket Bank has always put long-term endurance and stability at the top of the list. Short-term financial profits at the expense of long-term stability are not a consideration. Pentucket Bank has survived depressions, recessions, world wars, floods, ice storms and other natural disasters because we focus on the long-term future of the Bank, its employees and the communities we serve by meeting the highest standards of safety and soundness.

Our "Commitment to Excellence" program promotes service that exceeds our customers expectations.
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Haverhill, MA


120 US Employees



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