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P.B. Bell

P.B. Bell specializes in the development, management and acquisition of multifamily housing communities in Arizona. Based in Scottsdale, P.B. Bell has provided multifamily services throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area since 1976 and remains family-owned. Committed to quality product and service, P.B. Bell’s portfolio includes Class A, B and C products and its clientele range from global investment firms to individual owners. As a leader in the multifamily housing industry, P.B. Bell has earned multiple awards for its design, development and management services.... Read more


P.B. Bell’s company culture and values are upheld across all levels of the company, ensuring that everyone feels appreciated, has fun and knows that their voices are heard. By integrating the company culture into every aspect of the business, P.B. Bell helps to build and maintain an environment that feels like a family and where employees are excited to go into work each day.... Read more


With a firm commitment to its culture, P.B. Bell’s vision is to build a space where team members can grow within their roles and develop their passions for the industry, while having fun each and every day.... Read more


P.B. Bell’s mission is, “Making lives and places better by developing, improving, and managing multifamily housing communities.” In terms of culture, the company supports its mission by providing a strong environment where each team member is supported, appreciated and feels valued.... Read more


P.B. Bell Values
P.B. Bell’s values include Get Creative, Act with Integrity, Be Accountable, Show You Care, and Enjoy the Ride. By implementing these values throughout the company, P.B. Bell is able to create a strong team where mutual respect is upheld and every team member feels valued. With this solid foundation internally, the P.B. Bell team is able to deliver excellent results externally when working with outside vendors, other multifamily leaders and when assisting residents. As hard as the P.B. Bell team works on a daily basis, they also strive to have fun along the way and understand the importance of strong work life balance.


Scottsdale, AZ


138 US Employees


Integrated Development, Construction, & Management

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