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Partners In Leadership, LLC.

Partners In Leadership is the world’s premier provider of Accountability Training® and Culture Change services. Our mission as a consulting firm is to help our clients achieve their mission, and our #1 award-winning content and global network of professionals across the world have enabled thousands of companies and millions of people to achieve dramatic results, reporting billions of dollars in improved shareholder wealth, saving hundreds of thousands of jobs—resulting in some of the highest praised and best places to work in the world.... Read more


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Our Mission is your Mission. We partner with clients to create accountability and transform culture to achieve their key results and organizational mission.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

We also have what we call "Cultural Beliefs" and they are listed below:

Talk Straight: I consistently seek and offer candid, honest, and respectful feedback.

Move Together: I choose to align and collaborate around PIL priorities, understanding why, what, who and by when.

Innovate Now: I create world-class, cutting-edge solutions that impact our clients' Key Results.

Build To Grow: I hack complexity and embrace repeatable PIL best practices.

Client First: I discover and consider the client's needs in everything that I do.

Own The Result: I conquer obstacles daily to ensure we achieve our Key Results.

Our Culture is built on our curriculum and models from our New York Times best selling book "The Oz Principle" which was co-authored by our Co-Founders. We operate our business utilizing the models/strategies that we teach to our clients, including but not limited to: "The Steps To Accountability" which means, when faced with obstacles or difficulties we operate "Above The Line", we "See It", "Own It", "Solve It", and "Do It". We discourage "Below The Line" behaviors which we define as: "Wait & See", "Confusion/Tell Me What To Do", "It's Not My Job", "Ignore/Deny", "Finger Pointing", and "Cover Your Tail".

Our culture is built on offering and soliciting what we call "Focused Feedback" wherein we regularly provide appreciative and constructive feedback to one another as part of our daily activities. Our employee recognition program is constructed around demonstration of our Culture Beliefs. Each quarter, anyone can nominate anyone for an award (by sharing a story of an individual or team for demonstrating 1 or more of our CB's). Everyone gets to vote on the stories; and the winners are selected by stories receiving the highest rated votes. There is so much more to share that makes PIL such a unique place. I have worked in HR for nearly 20 years and have never had this much passion for the company I work for and the people I work with. Integrity and Collaboration are such important components of who we are an what we do. Leadership is aligned and the voices of employees at all levels are heard. It is truly amazing.
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Respect for People
We treat people with respect and bring the highest level of professionalism to all our interactions

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