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Pariveda is a consulting firm dedicated to solving complex technology and business problems by aligning our people-development focus with the mission of our clients. We desire to help our clients achieve lasting success now and into the future. As an employee-owned company, our naturally curious people have strong technical, business and strategic skills to help our clients identify, architect and develop custom solutions. We believe in challenging our clients’ thinking, and we are comfortable solving problems without a clear solution. Our solutions create new opportunities for our clients, and we manage the change each solution brings to their company.

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Servant Leadership
We value humble leadership as the most effective and powerful leadership model. The best leaders follow and the best followers lead. The healthiest organization is one whose members possess strong voluntary support for its values and objectives, where people sign themselves up for the mission. We ask that you lead as you wish to be led. This includes providing patience, attention, encouragement, respect, fairness, compelling goals and honest feedback, whether you are leading or following. If, as servant leaders, we each become deeply engaged in our daily experience, and accept, without prejudice, the people involved and seek to understand and serve them, the effect is a reciprocal return of trust, acceptance and support.

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Pariveda Houston Fins (employees) recently celebrated Employee Appreciation Day together right before we transitioned to a work from home environment!