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PaceButler Corporation Overview

PaceButler Corporation opened in 1987 with $62.53. Tom pace has always had a vision of a company that helped its employees grow both professionally and professionally. Since opening, we have donated over 1.3 million books to prisons, homeless shelters, schools, and more.

PaceButler Corporation provides a positive, successful and healthy atmosphere. We speak words of truth and encouragement. We are motivated by enthusiasm, knowledge and skill. We create and maintain an atmosphere that nurtures confidence, love and power – a climate that produces creative ideas and plans that allow us to easily reach our objectives, goals and values. We are fulfilling our responsibilities and contributions. That enables God’s Holy Spirit to empower and energize us to a fulfillment of a purposeful life. Our value system is drawing us to the accomplishment and achievement of excellence in all areas of our lives. God is truly getting glory from our results. We have an abundance of finances, health, relationships and family life. We speak the language of faith.
PaceButler Corporation contributes to the local and worldwide community by providing top quality products and service. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction through constant improvement of systems and procedures. When our customers profit, we profit, resulting in a win/win situation.
To build great lives
God and His Principles
Innovative and Creative Spirit
Strong work ethic and productive habits
Personal accountability for our actions
Our local and world community
Personal growth and physical fitness
Love, hope, and faith
Forecasting and goal setting
Respect, honor, and integrity


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