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Osha Bergman Watanabe & Burton LLP Overview

Osha Liang promises to act as a trusted partner on behalf of all the clients we serve. Client satisfaction is our top priority and we believe there is more to intellectual property than just lawsuits and patent applications. Our guiding philosophy is based on creating long-term relationships with clients and servicing their IP needs and goals that arise over time. We also understand that effective communication is imperative in order for us to evaluate the effectiveness of our service and for maintaining cost-effective and seamless representation. We are committed to bringing value to our clients by delivering quality services at reasonable rates. We make an effort to learn all that we can about our clients’ businesses in order to provide effective, pragmatic counseling and advice.

Osha Liang’s strength stems from the knowledge and experience of our legal professionals. Our IP team includes scientists and engineers with advanced degrees in areas including biology, chemistry, computer science, mechanics, electronics, and physics. Prior to joining the firm, many of our legal professionals built highly successful careers at research institutions, engineering firms, and large multinational corporations. This combination of technical, business, and legal experience has provided us with an in-depth, first-hand understanding of the needs of our clients.
Houston, TX
100 US Employees
Intellectual Property Law


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