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Our vision: People Connect. People Dream. People Thrive.

As a human services agency, we are committed to providing meaningful and dignified support to children, adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We focus on a person's skill development & unique personal goals to achieve their vision of a rewarding life. We offer an array of services including: Behavior Support Services, Music Therapy, Self-Directed Living Supports, Employment Support Services and Occupational Therapy.

We are proud recipients of a 4-year accreditation: Person-Centered Excellence~with distinction from the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) in recognition of our high-quality supports, services and therapies.

OPG, Inc. is 100% employee-owned (ESOP) and provides services in central and northern Indiana.
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People connect. People Dream. People Thrive.... Read more


Inspiring People in the Pursuit of a Rewarding Life.... Read more

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Fishers, IN


200 US Employees


Behavioral & Mental Health

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What employees are saying

I love my job because I feel appreciated, valued and know I make a difference in the lives of others.

I love watching the people we support grow and achieve their dreams no matter how small they may seem to us, to them it is everything.

I love my job because I am proud of how OPG truly cares about the people we serve and the people we employ.

I have never worked at a place that cares for their employees like OPG. The management truly cares about your wellbeing and always takes your opinions into consideration. Whenever there is a concern it is immediately addressed making employees feel comfortable bringing concerns to light.

part of something bigger

I feel genuinely appreciated. At my last job, it was very rare to be thanked for helping around the business or picking up extra shifts that I often had to move around my personal life for. With OPG, I am thanked often. I am never drained after working, and I adore all of the people I support.

OPG cares about me and the people we serve.

They trust me and want me to be the best and support me to do what I need to do.

I have always had a passion for supporting people with disabilities to pursue what makes THEM happy. At OPG I feel incredibly supported to help people pursue their own personal dreams and goals. I do not feel pressure to fit into a box or to check boxes just for the sake of checking them. I am able to be passionate, creatively driven, and independent, and feel valued for those things.

I get to meet and work with unique people every day. Every day is something new!

I see people grow and expand their lives, whether people we support or employ. OPG cares about people.

We focus on people first - both the people supported and those who work for OPG. I have never worked for a company that asks for so much input from the people doing the work.

OPG values the people we support first and foremost, but also values the health and well-being of its employees.

I'm given the independence to create my own schedule, the time to provide for creativity, and the upper management who are so gifted in their roles. In fact, each employee here is very skilled and are here for the right reasons.

I love my job because it is a great company. I have the flexibility I need in my schedule. The company cares for its employees and encourages growth. I am extremely happy at OPG!

I love seeing the people I support and working with them to grow in the ways that is best for them. I also love the employees here because you can feel people are here because they love there job and they genuinely care about the people they support.

I feel I am part of something bigger than myself. Management is caring and ethical.

OPG is an example of how to lead by example and build a community in develop strong costume culture for all involved.

OPG lives out it's mission of Inspiring People in the Pursuit of a Rewarding life with both the people we support and the employees. I feel that people at OPG from entry level positions to the CEO truly want me to succeed and grow as a person and an employee.

I love my job for various reasons. The opportunity to make a difference in people's lives gives me immense satisfaction. I particularly cherish the opportunities to include individuals with unique needs, which allows me to continue to grow professionally as I’m challenged to create an inclusive and safe environment anywhere in the community. The flexibility to improvise and adapt to diverse situations keeps my work dynamic and fulfilling. Moreover, knowing that my contributions are valued and considered important adds to my passion for what I do. Overall, the chance to positively impact others and the sense of significance in my role make me truly love what I do.

Supporting employees to provide the best services to people we support is very rewarding. Being a part of a company who's mission is bigger than the bottom line.

It is a healthy work environment where I feel free to do my best work.

Everyone is focused on providing the best supports and helping each other along the way. It’s a very collaborative and welcoming environment. I feel cared for and because of that, I am motivated to continue to give my best.

Every day I get to help people reach their full potential and accomplish their dreams. I feel supported and appreciated.

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