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Since 2004, OpenRoad has been empowering companies to achieve more through innovative supply chain solutions and a relentless commitment to top level service in every area. With a full suite of logistics services and the industry’s most advanced technological tools, we partner with shippers to strengthen their supply chains, enabling them to operate more efficiently, manage their transportation spend, and ultimately serve their customers better.... Read more


OpenRoad was conceived with the guiding ambition to create a more meaningful experience for both shippers and carriers, while providing a superior work environment for our employees. We exist to make life better for people, everywhere.... Read more


Our vision is to inspire excellence through our passion for continuous improvement and unwavering care for people.... Read more


Our mission is to empower global business through personal and modern logistics services.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

At OpenRoad, we're more than just a team of really great logistics professionals; we're a unique blend of grit and compassion, of hustle and selflessness. We possess an unwavering commitment to our customers, and our deep care for each other and our work defines us.

Here, every individual is a decision-maker, entrusted with full ownership over their contributions and depended on to move the company forward. We prioritize personal and professional growth, providing the tools to nurture skills that drive careers and enrich lives.

Transparency is our hallmark. We don’t keep anything behind closed doors but encourage open, honest communication where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.

And above all, we’re driven to find out what we’re capable of, restless to be better than we were the day before. With our vision ever before us, we keep laser-focused on the few things that provide the greatest impact, driving us toward greatness.
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Work with a sense of urgency
We know that people depend on us, so we approach each day with purpose and embrace the hustle.


Dallas, OR


165 US Employees


Distribution, Logistics, & Freight - Other

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What employees are saying

I have the freedom I need to perform, the support and openness of management, and the ability to make an impact and help shape the future of the company.

I work with an amazing team of people. Management allows autonomy but also gives support and training when needed.

Because I work with teammates who are very knowledgeable and helpful and management is wonderful with employee praise. They give you the tools and room to thrive and grow.

The company believes in their employees and allows us to use our experience to make decisions that benefits the company. They listen to our suggestions and takes them into account when they are making a decision.

I love feeling like my manager supports the decisions I make in my position both daily and in long-term implementation of new ideas or procedures. I also really love the flexibility to work in-office and remote so that my spouse and I didn't have to add an extra bill to our household for an after school program.

Even though some of us are remote, we work REALLY well as a team! This team is better than any team I have been a part of previously and that was in an office.

It's a variety of things. This is the first job I've ever had in this field and I've found it to be enjoyable work. My company and management team are the absolute best I've ever had in my 33 years of working. I say that with absolute sincerity. Never once have I ever dreaded coming to work at this job. I sincerely hope that this will be my career from here on out.

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