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Nevada is a unique place, no other state has felt economic ups and downs; booms and busts quite like Nevada. At One Nevada Credit Union, we intimately understand that road because we live and work here too. We have real, straightforward conversations with our members about money they can make informed decisions and offer 24/7/365 banking solutions with powerful digital banking tools tailored to meet Nevadans’ needs. Lastly, we offer a Nevada-based, Member Service Center so that you always talk to a local Nevadan who understands “Nevada life”.
Nevada is our home and we’re proud of our state and the people who live here. We support community events and activities that help foster healthy and happy families, donate to organizations that assist Nevada families struggling to meet basic food, housing, or medical needs and offer college scholarships to Nevada youth who demonstrate a commitment to developing themselves and their communities.
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We value leadership at all levels of the credit union.


Las Vegas, NV, NV


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What employees are saying

The skills I have obtained through my years in the industry are being used to the fullest and they are appreciated by our members and staff. My skills are used to help our members with their family financial needs.

I've been in the workforce for 20+ years and this is the most positive company I've worked with.

One Nevada Credit Union has a fantastic and thorough work environment. ONCU strongly believes in their culture and providing best customer care to our members. I do not wake up every morning and dragging to go to work. Everyday I wake up even more motivated than the day prior to do and give my best, to strive above and beyond for our members.

Always presented with a new challenge to break up the monotony of routine work/assignments.

My boss. My boss is so understanding, fun, encouraging, and makes me feel like I can be myself, and also encourages me to be a better version of myself.

I love my job because I truly love what I do. I enjoy coming to work everyday because everyone that works here is kind, generous and friendly.

The environment is fun and uplifting. Senior Management are concerned about morale and always want it to be as happy as possible. The work I do is engaging, there are always opportunities to learn new things and I have great co-workers. Also ONCU offers excellent benefits and all the holidays off are nice.

One Nevada Credit Union has been like family to me everyone is so welcoming and makes me feel part of the team. Great Leadership!

The people are top-notch, senior management is visible and communicative and I have a great work-life balance!

I'm surrounded by good people from many differing backgrounds. All or most of whom understand and believe in the credit union's mission and core values. It's an amazing employee sanctuary that gives one a vision of what all of America should be like.

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