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Oldham Gryska Partnership Overview

The Oldham-Gryska Partnership provides financial services to a wide group of organizations throughout New York State. We help our customers protect their assets with the various financial solutions. We are an organization of highly motivated representatives, managers, staff, and public relations. We are independently owned and operated with six offices throughout Upstate New York.

To provide middle-income families with affordable supplemental accident and life insurance while furthering the cause of labor.
To be the foremost benefits provider for working class families and their communities on the eastern seaboard.
We develop and support people to enhance the lives around us.
Additional Culture Details
Oldham-Gryska Agencies provides an environment that allows individuals, regardless of background, to discover their potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. We do this by following through on our promises and honoring our commitments to our customers, our employees and our families. We always strive to do more for others than we would have them do for us. Most of all, we believe in being examples of success by operating with integrity, self- 
discipline and passion in every area of our lives and business. We are committed to creating an environment that builds a lasting legacy by helping people achieve their goals in life.
Transparancy: Open and honest communication at all levels.
Passion: We maintain professionalism and integrity while recognizing people's passion for success.
Family: We recognize that family comes first.
Positivity: We end each day with a positive focus on how to make ourselves even better tomorrow.
Teamwork: We embrace teamwork that allows the agency to be greater than the sum of its parts.
Rochester, NY
4250 US Employees
Life, Accident and Health Insurance


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