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Office of the Minnesota Attorney General

The Office of the Minnesota Attorney General is a large, multi-purpose public law firm that serves the people and State of Minnesota:
• Represents more than 100 State agencies, boards, and commissions in legal matters.
• Help Minnesotans afford their lives by bringing consumer-protection litigation against companies that deceive or defraud.
• We put money directly into the pockets of Minnesota consumers and small businesses by winning restitution from companies that deceive or defraud and by intervening directly on behalf of consumers.
• Assist county attorneys prosecute major felonies and complex crimes.
• Help taxpayers by often being a net contributor to the State budget, often bringing in more money than it costs the Office to serve the public.
• Lead policy issues of importance to Minnesotans, including lowering pharmaceutical prices, advancing criminal-justice reform, enhancing women’s economic security, combating wage theft, and stopping hate crimes, among others.
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The Office Of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison - one of Minnesota’s largest public law offices - has a clear mission: we help Minnesotans afford their lives and live with dignity, safety, and respect. We are a dynamic group of dedicated professionals - attorneys, investigators, analysts, and staff of all kinds - who could all work elsewhere but choose public service as a calling, and we are actively building an internal culture that supports that calling. As we’ve shared, we believe that all Minnesotans deserve to afford their lives and life with dignity, safety, and respect - and that includes for our employees! We are intentional about creating a work environment that is inclusive, affirming, and thoughtful about employee morale - all of which is instrumental in allowing us to best serve our fellow Minnesotans.... Read more


The culture of the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General is one of collaboration, engagement, and transparent decision-making. We hold meetings on how to proceed and collaborate respectfully together. We believe that good ideas about practices and policies, ways to learn and grow with one another, and how to do our best work come from everywhere, so we encourage conversations about the direction of our office between leadership, management, and staff on a regular basis. Employees are also invited to step into leadership roles through joining one of our employee committees, which are Fun & Wellness; Hiring, Recruitment, and Diversity; Personnel; ProBono & Volunteering; Safety; Technology & Modernization; and Training. It’s important for our employees to know how decisions are made and the thought process behind them and strive for robust internal communications in this regard.... Read more


We help Minnesotans afford their lives and live with dignity, safety, and respect.... Read more


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