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The Oberlin Filter Company is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Waukesha, WI. Filters are our only business. We are the world leader in pressure filtration technology. Since 1964, we have pioneered applications that separate liquids from solids for a wide range of industries in food, coolant, chemical processing, metal finishing and waste treatment, filtering everything from potato chips to nuclear waste. Our goal is to provide the cleanest possible fluid at the lowest possible operating costs. Our group of experienced engineers, sales staff, designers, welders, plumbers, electricians, service and laboratory technicians work closely with our customers to design and build superior quality filter systems. We provide support throughout the life of the product. We have a global presence with sales, design, manufacturing and service support in both England and Germany. Oberlin pressure filters operate in over 40 countries across the world.... Read more


At Oberlin Filter Company, we have upheld a singular vision for over 55 years: to engineer filtration systems that just really work. Our heritage is built upon a team of highly skilled professionals—comprising engineers, sales experts, designers, welders, plumbers, electricians, servicemen, and lab technicians. We collaborate closely with our customers to tailor the optimal system for their specific needs, crafting it with our own hands, overseeing its initiation, and ensuring unwavering support throughout the system’s functional life span. As a testament to our commitment, some of our filters have been operational for over four decades.... Read more


Our goal is to provide better solutions to filtration problems across multiple industrial applications by supplying engineered, reliable, high quality products... Read more


We face every challenge with a resilient “Can Do” spirit. Our team members embrace new opportunities with enthusiasm and a forward-thinking mindset. This positivity is contagious and integral to our innovative approach to problem-solving and our dedication to success.

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