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NX Direct is a premier sales and marketing firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. We work on behalf of leaders within the telecom, entertainment, cable/satellite, and wireless industries, focusing on new account acquisitions and brand recognition. By tailoring our expertise to a hands-on, face to face approach, NX Direct is able to bring our clients life-long customers with increased name-brand awareness and high levels of customer loyalty.

We are an organization committed to training and developing self-motivated individuals, and providing our team with an opportunity to achieve success based on their own merit. NX Direct believes that by fostering a goal oriented and competitive environment, it will provide an atmosphere where our team can enjoy the satisfaction of surpassing expectations and overcoming challenges. Individual achievement is valued and rewarded, but we succeed as a whole – supporting and applauding the success of our team mates.
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1) Leverage the unique educations, experiences, and personalities of our team to create a dynamic work environment. 2) Foster a competitive, yet cohesive, group of marketing and sales professional capable of representing clients no matter the industry or service. 3) Surpass expectations of our client while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. 4) Streamline growth opportunities based on merit and growing client demands outside of Atlanta.... Read more


The mission of NX Direct is to operate with excitement and efficiency in all that we do. To our clients, who are the best in their respective industries, we look to offer exponential growth and increased brand loyalty to the name you’ve worked so hard to build. We attract quality, long-lasting customers and provide them an enjoyable, completely customized buying experience, because we believe in exceeding expectations. Lastly, and most importantly, to our team members – we vow to offer a growth-centric, career challenging, leadership developing atmosphere sure to provide equal opportunities for development at both a personal and professional level... Read more


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