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NorthCare is a leading provider of integrated behavioral health services for Oklahomans living with mental illness, trauma, and addiction. Today, we provide more than 20 trauma-informed programs for Oklahomans of all ages throughout all of central Oklahoma and neighboring counties.

NorthCare is a place for hope and recovery. Known locally and nationally, the center delivers innovative and effective services for individuals and families.

Incorporated as a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit in 1980, NorthCare is governed by a community-based board of directors. Located in the heart of Oklahoma, the center provides social services and behavioral health care to the community while ensuring care to those most in need.
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With 40 years of continuous operation and 300 employees, NorthCare, provides comprehensive behavioral health services in Oklahoma and Logan Counties and child abuse prevention in 45 counties.... Read more


Strengthening communities by improving health and safety, one family at a time.... Read more


NorthCare is dedicated to meeting the unmet needs of Oklahoma citizens by offering services that inspire hope, strengthen communities and empower.... Read more


When leaders encourage hope, by projecting a sense of confidence that challenges can be successfully overcome, they can help employees have more faith in their own capabilities. Hope opens the door to engagement and enthusiasm when leaders offer a positive vision for the future


Oklahoma City, OK


361 US Employees


Human & Social Services

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What employees are saying

I am extremely passionate about working in this field, I love having the honor of working with clients on a daily basis and I am so blessed to have such an amazing work family to support and encourage me

I love giving back and be able to help others find what I have found in recovery

NorthCare is more than my job, it's my livelihood to give back and help others to prosper in their life.

It is fulfilling to help individuals become independent, active members of society. We are able to facilitate this through a variety of treatment options like medication management, therapy, groups, and other services.

I feel like I am doing the best work I can do. My supervisor knows me and knows how to engage me. I want to do well for my team. We all get along so well.

I am inspired daily by the work done across the agency at NorthCare and am fortunate to take part in shaping our continued growth. My job allows me to interact with consumers daily, see the direct impact our work has on their lives, connect with management staff in a productive way, and have a voice with my team of peers at the Executive Leadership level. This job is all I could've ever hoped for in my career.

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