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At Norhart, our focus is to create the exceptional. We build more than just apartments. We love to change people's lives! We invite you to experience the Norhart difference!

Our "Prime Directive" is to design and build exceptional apartments that create a better way for people to live. We are hyper-focused on creating a best-in-class customer experience for our residents and making a dent in the universe!

Values and culture first, talent and skills second. Your character, attitude, and conduct matter most. We pride ourselves on being a team of innovators and go-getters. But above all, we succeed together, we fail together, that's just how we roll! Be one of us and change the world! #norhartlife

We focus on three key areas: Love your work, delight residents, and disrupt the multifamily construction industry!
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We are a team of innovators whose values are deeply embedded in our DNA. Our fives values include: 1. "Achieve great things." We love our work and accomplish far more than others thought possible. 2. "Improve something every day." We dare to question the status quo. It can be done better! We relentlessly simplify & automate our work, work shouldn't be difficult. 3. "Be a genuine human." We are kind, supportive, and humble. We share credit & admit our mistakes. 4. "Obsess over the resident experience." We elevate our resident experiences to be magical. We are transparent with our residents & act in their best interest. 5. "Level yourself up." We want to be the best in the world at what we do, so much better than the competition that the fight isn't fair. We learn quickly & inspire others with our thirst for excellence. We own our own self-improvement. Nobody will do that for us. We push our mentors to teach us more.... Read more


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Additional Culture Details

Habits -There are a few key habits that every team engages in regularly to stay effective.
*Weekly team meetings
The primary goal of a weekly team meeting is to solve issues. Everyone can add issues and we work through each issue identifying solutions. Those solutions are assigned as to-dos for specific people to execute.
*Weekly one-on-ones
A one-on-one is a weekly meeting, up to a half an hour, between a manager and employee. The goal is to build the relationship and to address subtle issues that don’t usually surface fast enough.
*Frequent candid feedback
Feedback is given regularly and candidly. It may not feel like it, but negative feedback is a gift. We give feedback graciously with the intent of helping each other grow.
*Annual offsite meetings
The annual team meeting brings each team closer together. Our vision, goals, and issues are addressed. The team will do a fun activity afterward. But the most powerful exercise is the 360-degree, person-to-person, eye-to-eye feedback.
Continuous improvement
We need to make 10,000 little improvements. We implement the concepts of Lean. The most important habit is our weekly improvement videos. Each team makes a video every week on at least one improvement they made to their work.
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Achieve great things
We lead from the front, love our work, we were born to do it; we accomplish far more than we thought possible.

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