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NEXTracker, a Flex company, advances the power plant of the future with solar tracker, energy storage, and software innovations that yields additional energy, optimizes performance and reduces costs for project and plant owners. As the number-one solar tracker supplier worldwide with over 17 gigawatts of systems sold (that’s equivalent to powering 3 million US homes), NEXTracker is globally recognized for delivering the most advanced renewable energy solutions for hundreds of projects across five continents. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, the company has offices in India, Europe, Latin America, and Australia. For more information, visit and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.... Read more


To advance the power plant of the future with best-in-class renewable technologies. As of February 22, 2018, NEXTracker earned the number one global market share position for the third year in a row for our NX Horizon solar tracker. Customers around the world know our brand and trust us to help them solve their challenges and deliver on our brand promise of a high quality and reliable product.... Read more


Our vision is to advance the power plants of the future, big and small with our expert boots-on-the-ground teams around the world, learning from our customers, and collaborating with them to continue producing reliable and durable technologies more efficiently, at lower costs and with more flexibility. We live our values at NEXTracker. From our 25 EV car chargers to our outstanding customer support at any cost, living and working our values is second nature. We value our talent and stand by the quality our products.... Read more


Our mission at NEXTracker is to secure a brighter, cleaner future for generations to come. With that goal in mind, we design, manufacture, build and service the world’s most advanced solar power systems with our flagship product, NX Horizon single-axis solar tracker leading the way.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

From our EV driving staff to our Tuesday yoga enthusiasts and dog lovers, we act on our core values. When we crafted our technology, each engineering and manufacturing decision had to stand up to our rigorous sustainability goals. One example: To minimize the use of limited resources and reduce toxins emitted during manufacturing, our cutting-edge trackers are designed to work with as little steel as possible, with 30% less steel compared to standard trackers. And while galvanizing the steel, we make sure that we apply just the right amount of zinc for any given climate and site conditions. We continuously improve our processes to be leaner and cleaner.

We tread lightly, where others show up with bulldozers and concrete pumps, we just need a pile driver. What’s more, NX Horizon is more configurable and flexible than any other, allowing for a more compact layout, reducing land use. We are passionate about these aspects of your power plant because at NEXTracker we think as much about how to maximize your yield as we want to minimize our ecological footprint.

With 20% of our staff commuting daily in electronic vehicles, a Bay Area-wide carpool program, Tuesday yoga classes in our Zen Garden, we feel proud about what we've built here at NEXTracker. It's a family and we work hard to preserve it. We may be part of a $24 billion-dollar company, Flex, but we have a small company feel with a big renewable heart.
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As a triple bottom line company, we not only design the world's leading solar tracking and storage technologies, we relish our employees. We walk the talk from 20% of staff commuting in EV cars to offering yoga classes and availing our staff to a fleet of bicycles.


Fremont, CA


156 US Employees


Other - Energy Industry Services

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