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Next Century Corporation

Next Century is a technology company dedicated to building software solutions that make a significant, tangible, and positive difference in the security and well-being of our country and our allies. Our solutions integrate situational awareness, at-a-glance analysis, decision support, collaboration, as well as other core capabilities, to provide information to decision makers in ways that are highly intuitive and actionable. We rely heavily on our expertise in the key areas of geographic information systems (GIS), image exploitation, mobile computing, wireless networks, visualization, and user interface design to develop these solutions. We focus primarily on the healthcare, national security, and corporate security industries, with particular specialization in homeland security, the military, and intelligence. Ultimately, we are driven by something far deeper than software, hardware, and dollars and cents; we believe the solutions we develop have the power to save lives, protect our country and our allies, and enhance America’s competitiveness in the global marketplace.... Read more


Next Century is a technology company focused on developing and deploying systems that protect our country and save lives. Specifically, we build Critical Insight solutions for first responders, intelligence analysts, warfighters and other professionals.... Read more


We believe the solutions we provide have the power to save lives, promote freedom, and improve our world in exponential ways.... Read more


Our mission is to save lives. We do this by providing key information to the emergency responders and analysts whose work protects us. Our mission is driven by our users who rely on a new class of insightful, intuitive, and efficient technology solutions.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

The work we perform at Next Century isn’t always easy. But what job worth doing ever is? In a role at Next Century, it takes talent above and beyond that of most people working in the industry. It takes a non-stop craving to be better. It takes someone who appreciates that, at the end of the day, we don’t produce “things,” we create solutions that help people live healthier, safer lives. Our people set the benchmark to which others aspire. By carefully selecting and employing only those individuals who are truly dedicated to ongoing personal and professional improvement, as well as continuous learning, Next Century has created a unique work environment rich in mutual respect, lack of politics and, most importantly, high ethics and integrity. The leaders at Next Century empower employees as individuals. Exploring your talents here is encouraged. We want to talk about how our customers don't play for layers of management...we hire for personalities, not just fore a position. We offer internal personalized coaching...our coaching program fosters continuous improvement by assigning a coach to every participant. Everyone is held accountable by their coach for the goals that they set for themselves. Goals can be professional, personal, or educational; this holistic approach helps to remove obstacles that might otherwise impede employees’ ability to grow. As employees improve, so does the organization; this investment in our employees pays off by enabling us to carry out our mission with a high level of excellence. Last but not least, we recognize the importance of balancing work and life, and enjoy regular interactions together after hours–at the ballpark, at the holiversary party, at the annual picnic, at our game nights, at our happy hours, and through our company philanthropy initiatives that benefit our local community. ... Read more


We embrace the highest ethical standards and base our existence on trust, commitment, honesty, and fairness.


Annapolis Junction, MD


154 US Employees


Custom Software Development & Consulting

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