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New American Funding Overview

New American Funding is a mortgage lender whose mission is to provide homeowners and future homeowners a variety of home financing options at competitive rates; fulfilling their needs in a manner that enhances their standard of living and helps them realize the American Dream.

The company is licensed in 49 states across the nation and maintains a servicing portfolio of over 146,000 loans for over $36 Billion. The company offers a full spectrum of loan products including FHA, Conventional, VA, Jumbo and Reverse Mortgages. New American Funding currently has approximately 200 locations nationwide and about 4200 employees nationwide.

Family-owned, New American Funding is an independent mortgage lender headquartered in Orange County, California, that is dedicated to helping other families and individuals improve their quality of living through homeownership.
Leveraging technology and streamlined operations, the company created a lending process that is highly efficient. While we have achieved tremendous business success in a short time frame, we believe our family-like culture that emphasizes teamwork, unity, and fun is what sets us apart.
Our mission is to provide homeowners and future homeowners a variety of home financing options at competitive rates; fulfilling their needs in a manner that enhances their standard of living in realizing the American Dream.
Additional Culture Details
NAF360 is New American Funding’s company culture initiative in support of the company’s goal of having happy employees who enjoy coming into work every day. NAF360 was designed to ensure employees feel balanced and valued in their work life and are treated with 360 degrees of respect. This is more than just a motto – it's the New American Funding way of life, employees take it to heart, and it encourages a sense of family throughout the company. During the year, NAF360 hosts a variety of events and competitions nationwide to further cultivate the NAF360 spirit. Events like a water balloon toss, hot dog eating contest and a Halloween costume and decoration contest were recently hosted by NAF360. Recently, NAF360 hosted a companywide Spirit Week encouraging employees to dress up in different themes on different days, like sports day. Ice cream trucks, gourmet coffee carts, catered lunches and other fun snacks and refreshments are frequently brought in for employees to enjoy.

NAF360 is the trust we build with our clients, an understanding that we’re here to help. It’s our ongoing contribution to the local community, an assurance that we always extend a helping hand to assist those in need. It’s the confidence we have in knowing our work is infused with integrity.
COMMUNITY: WE GIVE BACK:: We put the people first. We're in a position to help, so we created Lending a Helping Hand, our volunteer program to help employees get involved with the community. We want to see others succeed, so we give back by supporting causes like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mercy House, Toys for Tots, and WHW.
INGENUITY: WE LOVE NEW IDEAS:: New American Funding is a tech-driven company, and we never stop creating. We believe in relentless innovation, so we can bring our clients and partners’ efficiency, savings, and a positive experience.
EDUCATION: WE'RE EXCITED TO TEACH AND LEARN:: We’ve learned a lot about home loans along the way. Whether you're looking to refinance, buy a home, or begin a career in the mortgage industry, we provide resources that will help you make smart decisions about home loans...and we're lifelong learners ourselves.
DIVERSITY: THIS IS FOR EVERYONE:: We think unique perspectives are what make this place great. We have in-house initiatives that take mortgage education into underserved communities and work to overcome challenges in attaining home loans. We want all perspectives represented in the work force, and as homeowners across America.
AUTHENTICITY: WE'RE THE REAL DEAL:: We have the trust of our clients and partners because we earned it. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and deliver on those standards in every case. We believe in transparency, in every transaction and in all of our operations.
Tustin, CA
4276 US Employees
Mortgage Lending


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