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Natural Designs Landscaping Overview

Commercial Landscape Maintenance, Horticultural Services, Irrigation and Installation within 7 Tampa Bay Counties.
Almost 40 years ago Natural Designs began with 3 employees, a pickup truck, a couple of mowers, a trailer and a dream! Today Natural Designs has over 30 crews, and over 100 employees. We also have satellite offices in counties throughout the west coast of Florida, including Sarasota, and our present book of business continues rise to an average over $6 million.

We are committed to providing the best possible climate for maximum development and achievement of goals for all employees. Our practice has always been to treat each employee as an individual. We have always sought to develop a spirit of teamwork; individuals working together to attain a common goal. In order to maintain an atmosphere where these goals can be accomplished, we have provided a workplace that is comfortable and progressive
Most importantly, we have a workplace where communication is open, and problems can be discussed and resolved in a mutually respectful atmosphere, considering individual circumstances and the individual employee. We firmly believe that by our communicating with each other directly, we can continue to resolve any difficulties that may arise and develop a mutually beneficial relationship.
To add value - to our customers, employees, community, and environment and to each other. By exceeding Expectations. By providing exceptional service to those relationships, with a sense of professionalism, passion and creativity.
Lutz, FL
122 US Employees
Landscaping & Lawn Care


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