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Founded in 2003, Nations Lending is growing IMB located in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio-area. We are an agency-direct seller/servicer with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginne Mae, licensed to lend in all 50 states. Our company has a long history of helping families achieve their dream of homeownership. In fact, our company’s mission is: Fueling Dreams with Compassion, one family, one home, one community at a time. We believe whole-heartedly in the compassion we show to our community(ies), to our customers as individuals, and to each other as co-workers. We believe in making the home-lending experience “human”, by connecting to each borrower, treating them as a person, and not a number.... Read more


Culture is an important aspect of our organization here at Nations Lending. Without it, employees merely see a job, and not a place where they can invest in a career. Our culture is employee-powered, and driven by the ideas of our workforce. Employees get-to-know each other through food and fun, and learn from each others' diverse backgrounds. This inclusion, creates that feeling of family, which leads to employees being there for each other, personally and professionally.... Read more


Nations Lending is more than just a mortgage lending company. We’re a family. A diverse workforce of employees of many ethnicities, across many age groups. We empower employees to pursue their career goals, support their individual as well as professional, creative ideas, and promote diversity among our workforce, and just as important, we encourage a work-life balance.
Leadership sets the tone. Our co-owners (CEO and President) are not just a couple stuffed shirts tucked away in closed, corner offices with their names on the doors. They’re two authentic guys who entrench themselves in the daily operations of the business, but also take the time to get to know their employees by name. They’re guys with whom you’d choose to have a beer. This attitude is infectious. Happy employees = happy customers.
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Fueling Dreams with Compassion, one family, one home, one community at a time.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Improving our business and our company culture is more than just profits. It’s also about building and maintaining a culture of success and pride. Driving the success of Nations Lending has and always will be our employees. Our culture is about empowering our employees, providing them the opportunities to take ownership in the company’s direction by allowing them to have a say in the changes necessary to fulfill our vision. Our company’s leadership team has empowered the employees to create a Culture Committee to drive employee engagement. Sure -- fun and food are two key ingredients to cooking-up co-worker bonding success, with inner-office games and contests, as well as generous helpings of appreciation luncheons throughout the year. But what the Culture Club strives for through engagement activities is getting employees to get-to-know their co-workers better and learn from our various and diverse backgrounds. It’s fosters an inclusive atmosphere of pride and respect. Furthermore, our owners believe in the Golden Rule: “Treat others how you want to be treated.” That attitude is promoted from the top-down, creating team unity, confidence, and increased productivity with all employees. Nothing is forced. Nothing is fake. We make it genuine. The payoff is noticeable.... Read more


Empowering our employees
Our culture is about empowering our employees, providing them the opportunities to take ownership in the company’s direction. While fun and food is a key ingredient to co-worker bonding success, so too is maintaining an inclusive atmosphere of pride. We make it genuine. The payoff is noticeable.

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