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NAMM California, Part of OptumCare

North American Medical Management California, Inc. (NAMM), part of OptumCare, develops and manages provider networks, offering a full range of services to assist physicians and other providers in their managed care and business operations (the “Clients”).

NAMM offers a full range of management services from which physician groups, IPAs and hospital systems may select to structure an arrangement most suitable for their needs.

What distinguishes NAMM beyond these core services, are its innovative approaches to adapt quickly by modifying its model as appropriate to suit the local market needs, and to align the interests of all providers to work toward mutual goals. The success of NAMM can be attributed to an operational and medical management infrastructure designed to promote coordinated care delivery systems.
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We share a commitment to improving the health care system as we are also patients and consumers.... Read more


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Additional Culture Details

We promote a collaborative culture and support professional career development, while recognizing individuals for their achievements. Trust is an important attribute, so we are transparent in our communications with employees on company initiatives and performance.... Read more


Integrity - Compassion - Relationships - Innovation - Performance
We are a company that values relationships and we do that with integrity and compassion. We plan to continue to our growth by pattern by focusing on innovation and performance.


Ontario, CA


901 US Employees


Vendor Serving Healthcare Industry

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What employees are saying

I enjoy working with some of the best doctors and am able to bring the amazing analytics reporting which enables us to provide the highest quality health care at an affordable price which enables our members to get the care they need when they need it.

I have a great manager and senior management. My management team is supportive and encourages open dialogue.

It gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge with others.

I have a great manager and work with a great team. The work is interesting and challenging and worthwhile. I like the ability to work from home.

I know I am contributing not only to my department but the company as a whole.

I have been supported all the 15 yrs I have been here. My ideas and suggestions are always heard. I feel we are a family. We can bring anything to the table, be heard & supported.

It has many facets and challenges me daily! You cannot have just one skillset in this department, MANY are required and those combination of skills are hard to find, challenging to learn and ultimately REWARDING when full comprehension sets in. These multiple skillsets have benefitted not just us as individuals, it has benefitted MULTIPLE departments in the process.

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