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At Motor Werks, we consider ourselves more than just a place to buy a car. Our name has been a dominant part of luxury automobile retailing for over 40 years, and a favorite destination for customers seeking the ultimate buying experience. What began in 1971 with one store in downtown Barrington has grown to six franchises in Barrington. We offer a magnificent array of new and used vehicles for all budgetary needs.
For years, customers shared their frustration about the time it takes to buy or lease a car, and really, the process as a whole. Because of this, we developed an entirely new buying experience we call One&Only®. We are one of the first dealerships in Chicagoland to offer this for our discerning customers. Key features are:
- Only One Price; Only One Person; Only One Hour
Our tagline, “Welcome to the Circle”, is a perfect representation of Motor Werks culture – for both employees and customers. The word circle is defined as “an area of action or influence” and “a group of persons sharing a common interest or revolving about a common center.” No matter what your connection to Motor Werks is, you are always a part of the circle. Together we can ALL influence the customer’s experience to make it one they will never forget.
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To provide an exceptional customer experience while buying or servicing their vehicles.... Read more


To deliver clients their product or service of choice in the most efficient and effective way possible. To lead the automobile industry in creating an easy, fun, and fair way to buy and service their vehicles regardless of whether it’s done digitally or in-house. Focusing on customer needs while delivering a welcoming experience based on high integrity and transparency.... Read more


Deliver a digital-to-driveway experience for our customers.
Digital, meaning everything available on a PC, a tablet, and app, a smart phone - data at your fingertips
Driveway means shopping online for a vehicle, and having it delivered to you at home. Setting a service appointment digitally and someone picks up your vehicle and delivers it back to you at home. All payments handled digitally.
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Additional Culture Details

We celebrate our employees daily – it’s a party everyone is invited to! We are able to maintain a culture of continue recognition and reward through a solution we implemented several years ago. Our employees catch each other doing the right thing and share it with others. This social recognition creates connection among our employee and teams.
We believe in and foster innovative ideas. We encourage all employees to share their thoughts and suggestions. We focus on a transparent and professional work environment, with strong internal communications on all subjects. We share financial information with all managers so they can understand our business and what it takes to be successful.
We continually look for ways to celebrate success – thus we are creating a “master class” series of videos where successful employees share their “secret sauce” as part of our internal training and development program.
Our LEADERSHIP PIPELINE PROGRAM allows for individualized tailored programs for individuals who seek to advance into middle and upper management.
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We suspend judgment and listen before taking action; we are sensitive to others’ prospective or situations when they are different than our own.


Barrington, IL


335 US Employees


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What employees are saying

I work with a amazing team, not only client advisors but also managers who all help provide the best customer experience while having a great time doing it.

It doesn't feel like a job, it feels like a family. I honestly never had a place of employment that actually felt like a career before. other places felt like a job.

MW offers the unique opportunity to be a part of something great. This includes our customers, co workers and overall work community. It is a great feeling to see benchmark numbers getting crushed and knowing you had a part in that happening and getting paid very well for your hard work.

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