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Moravian University is the sixth oldest college in the United States and has been educating the next generation for over 279 years. This plan is built by the Moravian community and demonstrates our continued responsibility. As John Amos Comenius stated, “Education should concern itself with that which concerns society” and that everyone should be educated.

Moravian University, a comprehensive university, is part of the New American Colleges and Universities consortium, which seeks to integrate liberal education, professional programs, and civic engagement. Moravian commits to providing undergraduate students with an excellent academic experience through this plan, which combines the best in career advising, leadership and teamwork preparation, global opportunities, workforce-ready badging, and real-world career experiences.
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Moravian College will challenge each individual, at all stages of life, with a revolutionary professional educational experience embedded within and strengthened by a liberal arts education in the service of self and community.... Read more


Moravian College’s liberal arts education prepares each individual for a reflective life, fulfilling careers, and transformative leadership in a world of change.... Read more

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From its early roots as the sixth oldest college in America and the first school to educate women, Moravian College has been a pioneer. Rather than simply following the history of others, Moravian College innovates and provides what students and society need most. This revolutionary spirit finds its way into all aspects of the college and transforms the student. Whether in the undergraduate day program, the Seminary, or the Comenius Center, students will have an experience that will forever change who they are and who they will become.

Moravian College’s revolutionary student experience is focused on creating a community of learners where students work closely with professors to develop the skills and habits of mind of the liberal arts and integrate them into professional careers through experiential learning. By focusing on the skills of communication, quantitative and qualitative analysis, teamwork and leadership, ethical reasoning, global awareness, and critical thinking, Moravian College prepares students with the transferable skills they will need for any career. A Moravian education is unique in its use of history, the skill of reflection, and the encouragement to be producers. The Moravian practice of writing a personal statement called the Lebenslauf, or course of life, is included in the curriculum so that students will learn to reflect on their own lives and the impact they have on others and in the world. The founders of Moravian College were producers as well as educators, so a Moravian education focuses on the production of new knowledge, music, literature, art, and technology. Students put all these skills into practice through undergraduate research, study abroad, internships, co-ops, certificates, and first professional graduate degrees.

By 2020, Moravian College will be a unified institution focused on three areas of service: undergraduate education, graduate education, and professional adult education. All three areas will embrace the skills of liberal arts, experiential learning, and career preparation to provide students with a revolutionary experience that transforms who they are and who they will become in a world of constant change. The College population will be about 2000 undergraduate day students with 10% from international countries, 500 graduate and adult students, and 120 Seminary students.

The Comenius Center's primary focus will be on first professional graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates that will be available in convenient delivery models so that our alumni and community partners can be retrained effectively. The Seminary will continue to be the beacon for the Moravian faith and will expand its service through distance education to remote areas in this country and internationally. The entire student body and the alumni will take ownership and responsibility for the well being of the institution by remaining engaged in the life and health of their alma mater. The College will be recognized in the Lehigh Valley as the partner of choice for educational issues and will work with local schools, businesses, non-profits, religious communities, civic organizations, and governments to provide educational solutions and expertise. The College will further its mission of diversity and service to aspiring students by being the leader of liberal arts colleges in providing a sustainable and entrepreneurial model of education.

Long before the founding of our great country, Moravian College, led by a fifteen-year-old girl, existed to provide an education never before seen to a group a students who had never been served. It is this revolutionary spirit that we advance in the 21st Century.
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