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Momentum Physical Therapy provides the most effective physical therapy available. Our clinical expert physical therapists are highly trained individuals who continually work to improve their skills and expertise in order to provide the best physical therapy available. Beyond our clinical expertise, Momentum sets the new standard for customer service in the healthcare industry. Our patients are treated like well-loved family members from start to finish. Lastly, our team members can always count on being surrounded by other top-notch, team-oriented teammates. This, along with great benefits and state of the art facilities and equipment make Momentum a great place to work.... Read more


We get you healthy for life.... Read more


Deliver excellent clinical results, provide the best customer service available in healthcare, and be a great place to work for our team members.... Read more


We will deliver the highest quality of therapy available through clinical expertise, integrity, compassion, honesty, respect, and Christian morality.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Our company was founded in order to bring the best things from other outpatient physical therapy companies to the same place. Therapists often want autonomy, support, and an environment conducive to honing, improving, and applying their high level skills. We provide those things. All of our team members want teammates who are reliable, friendly, and care for one another; they also want supervisors who listen and adjust things when necessary but also who communicate expectations clearly and help them along their desired career paths. We provide that environment. We have our typical screening process for recruiting new team members. But beyond those steps, we firmly believe that communicating expectations is a two way street and before hiring any person, we need to ensure we know exactly what they want and need from their employer and also need to communicate exactly what we want and need from a future team member. This communication prevents unnecessary surprises for them and for us and gives us a higher probability for hiring a team member who will be happily engaged, productive, and collaborative. Our company is a partnership with two local partners (who operate the business) and a general corporate partner (who provides back end and management support). This blended partnership allows Momentum to have the warm, friendly, and personable environment found in small businesses but also have the support and sophistication enjoyed by large, corporate owned businesses. Putting all of these things together are what really help Momentum stand apart as a healthcare provider and as an employer. We feel our ability to deliver great care is directly related with how happy and engaged our employees are.... Read more


1. Deliver Remarkable Experiences
This is achieved only by going above and beyond what the patient (or person) is expecting, so much so that they are actually motivated to tell someone about the experience. The term “nothing to write home about” is the opposite of delivering a remarkable experience. Regarding the service and experience we provide at Momentum, we want to deliver such a high level of service, that people are motivated to “write home,” write on Facebook, or write to their doctor, their family, their friends, etc…

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