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Molzen Corbin is a New Mexico-based, nationally ranked, multidiscipline full-service consulting engineering and architecture firm. Throughout our 63-year history, we have cultivated a firm uniquely structured to provide municipal engineering and architecture services for counties, cities, towns and villages throughout the State. Our community-focused approach has enabled us to look beyond the task at hand to consider the community’s larger needs and challenges, and how engineering and architecture projects may address those needs. Our basic services include design and construction oversight, along with life cycle cost estimating, grant funding support, and phasing projects to fit within tight municipal budgets. At Molzen Corbin, we are not just civil engineers and architects; we are employee-owners as well as community engineers and architects.... Read more


Molzen Corbin is a customer-focused team of inspired professionals defining excellence in the delivery of quality engineering and architectural services, built on a foundation of honesty, excellence, integrity, and respect.... Read more


We are committed to exceeding our customer's expectations. We take pride in our relationships with our clients, who look to us for leadership and guidance through trust and friendship. Teamwork is the heart of our success. We nurture a culture of interdependence, confidence, trust, and security, to facilitate each employee’s growth as an individual and as part of a team. We recognize employees as our most valuable asset, and we value and respect each person's contribution. We understand the importance of financial stability. We promote the financial health of the Company by seeking to balance prudent fiscal management with opportunities for growth. We acknowledge and respect our professional commitment to the community, our suppliers, and our subconsultants. We surround ourselves with those who share our vision.... Read more


For over sixty-three years, we have purposefully cultivated a firm that caters professional services specifically to municipalities, towns, villages, universities, tribes and pueblos, and state agencies, and we see our success reflected in the continued relationships maintained with our clients. We believe engineering and architecture consist of more than just the design of roads, water systems, and treatment facilities. At Molzen Corbin, we approach our work with the understanding that innovative, sustainable engineering and architecture enables communities to develop and thrive.... Read more


Honesty in business for Molzen Corbin since our inception has meant providing fair pricing, realistic schedules, and “right-sized,” high quality engineering and architectural solutions. We practice open, frequent communication with the communities we serve. This honest approach has resulted in over 90% of our business consisting of repeat clients.


Albuquerque, NM


88 US Employees



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What employees are saying

I work on amazing projects with fantastic colleagues.

I love my job because I am allowed to apply my own ideas to projects and am not micromanaged while doing so. This company makes me feel like my thinking matters and that I have a positive influence on our local communities.

Family Atmosphere

Co-workers value and respect the talents of each other.

I get to work on meaningful infrastructure projects that keep me engaged and challenged.

The work varies and I like wearing different hats. Every day brings a new challenge. We are all working as a team and helping improve our communities.

It is a place that you could spend your entire career. The people who work here and the people we get to work for! I am proud of the work we do. I have never been embarrassed of MC. We are professionals and are treated as such.

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