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Mill Creek Lumber & Supply Company

Our company mission is to build dreams for our families and customers. Mill Creek provides unsurpassed value and service to our community by being the "go to" source for all building materials products, while remaining ever mindful and focused upon our core values: honesty, integrity and passion to excel.... Read more


Mill Creek's core purpose is to build dreams for our families and customers.
We fulfill our purpose by always being mindful of our mission and remaining consistent in following our core values in all that we do.
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Mill Creek's vision is to provide unsurpassed value and service to our communities.... Read more


Our core values of Honesty, Integrity and Passion to Excel uphold our mission to provide an inclusive and teamwork-centric culture that drives excellence, innovation and outstanding results for our customers.... Read more

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Any company can erect a building, stock materials, and buy equipment, but it takes the hiring and rewarding of outstanding people to continually grow and flourish for over eighty-five years. When he opened for business in November 1934, Pete Dunn made the conscious decision to foster an environment where employees are family members; Mill Creek has remained focused upon and committed to Pete Dunn's original idea of treating employees as family members. Our Mill Creek Family is larger and stronger than ever before and we remain committed to fostering an environment where our employees can succeed and grow. This allows Mill Creek to provide the highest level of value and service to the communities we serve. We build and maintain the trust of our customers by ensuring the consistent and successful delivery of goods and services from the conception to completion of every project.... Read more


Be open, trustworthy and truthful


Tulsa, OK


834 US Employees


Building Construction

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