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Established in 1980, The MIL Corporation (MIL) provides innovative technical and administrative services to the federal government in the areas of financial management and systems, information technology (IT), engineering services, and cybersecurity. MIL has a proven approach for managing support services contracts with a high degree of quality and a passion for customer satisfaction as evidenced by its long-standing relationships with many valued customers. MIL’s experience, and that of its 800+ employees, spans dozens of civilian and defense departments and agencies. MIL is proud to have supported its clients, many continuously for 30+ years, across multiple re-competitions as well as through new initiatives and projects.
Our team members are our greatest asset. We have many programs and processes in place to show our commitment to professional development, work-life balance, and career advancement. MIL works hard to provide an environment that allows employees to excel at what they do best.
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Additional Culture Details

For MIL, employees’ workplace experience is the cornerstone of our business. If our people are not engaged in the services they are providing to their customers, our customers will not be satisfied with their support. It is truly intrinsic to our business model. Therefore, MIL supports employee-driven morale engagement opportunities, such as our Capital One Arena suite where employees can attend live performances and events, annual family-centric corporate celebrations in the summer, as well as winter celebrations that include significant others. Family is core to our business and we encourage our employees to embrace opportunities to engage inside and outside of work with their colleagues through charity events, corporate events, and client-facing events.

Overtime, these unique employee benefits have helped us to retain employees who are not only happy, but competitive in our marketplace. MIL thrives when our workforce feels valued, allowing for a more motivated team, which ultimately increases productivity and client satisfaction.

Every month, we honor an employee with an Employee of the Month award; many of those recognized point to company support as an indicator of their happiness. Employees also frequently mention extra, on-site training or our online training program, MILTON, which is a free web-based training program in which employees may take as many courses as they wish in any field they choose.

Holly Tennyson, a MIL Systems Analyst and Employee of the Month, spoke to the support she received as to why she likes working at MIL:

“I enjoy working at MIL because of the family friendly atmosphere. I have been told numerous times that “family comes first,” and that means a lot. I always feel as though MIL leadership has my back and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that anything I need in my position is covered.”

Another Employee of the Month and MIL Salesforce Trainer, Harry McLoed, considered the opportunities to advance his career as a key benefit of working at MIL:

“MIL provides me with opportunities to advance my skills and career. While I was working as a trainer for MIL at ITA, the Salesforce Trainer position became available. Our Program Manager presented me with the opportunity and encouraged me– not only in this position but to also further develop my career in Salesforce. He knew this was a great field for me to advance within and he wanted me to succeed. It is wonderful knowing that leadership is concerned about you and your career.”

By supporting our employees with a positive environment and encouraging career development, we aim to maintain a productive work environment that benefits the individual, the team, the company, and ultimately, our client’s success.
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MIL prides itself in knowing that our greatest asset we provide is our people — employees with integrity and dedication who want to work for an organization that strives to be the best value provider of technical and consulting services while always exceeding customer expectations.


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