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Since 1989, Midwest Tape has served libraries and their patrons with unparalleled access to the best content available in the media world. That library-first mission drives everything we do: we share knowledge to help libraries thrive, and we have a passion for service that sets us apart.

Our digital offering, hoopla Digital, combines the media and library expertise of Midwest Tape with the latest in web and mobile technology. hoopla delivers an all-in-one experience that combines customization and flexibility with the most robust catalog in the digital library world.

We take great pride in working with libraries, patrons, and vendors to improve communities by connecting people to great content.
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Midwest Tape was founded on and remains committed to serving public libraries. Throughout our history, we have pushed the industry where change was needed . We were one of the first companies to offer VHS tapes for library circulation in the late ‘80s. We entered the audiobook market in the early 90s with the express purpose of combatting price inflation. We created hoopla, the all-in-one digital media library solution, to provide more equitable access for libraries and their patrons. And we work every day to provide products and services that will propel the industry into the future.... Read more


Midwest Tape works every day to ensure that libraries thrive because we believe in their importance as community and information centers.... Read more


Our Mission is to serve and evolve the media experience of Librarians and their Patrons through attentive service and innovative tools.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

We are committed to creating a workplace that is supportive and engaging for every member of our staff. Our founder frequently walked the building and made sure he knew every employee as more than just human capital. That translated to many employees recommending Midwest Tape to their friends and family when jobs came open. We continue to promote that atmosphere even as the business adopts trends like hybrid work and grows into international markets.... Read more


Midwest Tape Values
Library and patron satisfaction is key.
Libraries bolster communities by offering unique access to information, education and resources. Our job is to make that easier.
Continual improvement is a requirement, not an option.
Good ideas come from all over – no matter the source, we pursue innovations that make libraries stronger and more efficient.
Timeliness is a competitive advantage.
We constantly add in-demand titles to hoopla and deliver shelf-ready physical media to libraries as early as the day they release.
Libraries deserve flexibility, empowerment and transparency.
We provide the flexibility to offer the patron experience they know will best service their community. We empower libraries to control how their digital collections are delivered and offer unparalleled data transparency so they can make informed decisions.
Diversity and collaboration drive success.
We listen to and value every opinion because collaboration is the best way to ensure the continued success of libraries.

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