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Midwest BankCentre has been St. Louis’ premier community bank since 1906.... Read more


Our purpose is to help our regional communities thrive. We are committed to making meaningful, long-term investments in communities that lift everyone up so we can all RISE TOGETHER.... Read more


Midwest BankCentre is a values based financial institution who influences and advances our communities by empowering people, enabling business and energizing neighborhoods.... Read more


We Bank Our Values by investing capital profitably in our whole community and reinvesting customers’ local deposits locally. When you bank with us, you Bank Your Values® because your mortgage, line of credit or business loan has real returns within the community. Each dollar deposited with us circulates throughout the regional economy 6x, on average. As we help local families and businesses prosper, they lift their friends, neighbors and customers so that everyone can DREAM BIG and RISE TOGETHER.... Read more


We believe in strong relationships grounded in community.

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