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The Michigan Municipal League is dedicated to making Michigan’s communities better by thoughtfully innovating programs, energetically connecting ideas and people, actively serving members with resources and services, and passionately inspiring positive change for Michigan’s greatest centers of potential: its communities.... Read more


The Michigan Municipal League is the one clear voice for Michigan’s Communities. We’re a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization representing 525 total member communities, including 279 cities, 241 villages, 5 urban townships, 30 affiliate organizations, and 50 Business Alliance Program Participants.

Through advocacy at the state and federal level, we proactively represent municipalities to help them sustain highly livable, desirable, and unique places within the state. We are a nonprofit, but we act with the fervor of entrepreneurs. Our people are dynamic, energetic, and highly approachable, passionately, and aggressively pushing change for better communities.
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With a focus of “We Love Where You Live,” the League is a firm believer in communities as economic drivers of not only their surrounding region, but also for the entire state. Having strong communities means a strong, vibrant Michigan where a sense of place is valued and embraced. A vital component of this belief is instilling trust and belonging for all of those who reside in a community.

An essential part of any community, trust and belonging represents inclusive, supporting communities where every member feels proud of where they live. The League works with our partners to provide thought leadership, training, advocacy, resources, and best practices to build community wealth in ways that foster and rebuild trust and belonging. Learn more at
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Our focus around trust and belonging is an essential factor in guiding our communities to greater economic and social prosperity. We motivate our members to have welcoming places that encourage self-expression and provide equitable opportunities.

Building trust and belonging starts with listening, engaging, and then instituting policies and programs that enhance the human experience for everyone. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone to bring others to the table and embracing their ideas and their energy.

We provide communities with strategies for safeguarding their people and places against the hard edges of national and global forces, while providing solutions aimed at increasing trust and a sense of belonging among residents. This occurs when community leaders, partners, and local residents collaborate to develop equitable, resilient, adaptable, sustainable places that improve the human experience.
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Additional Culture Details

Our organization’s greatest asset is our people. Effectuating our mission starts with staffing our organization with great talent. And what attracts and retains outstanding talent is having an excellent culture and support system for our employees. Like our mission statement, a strong culture starts with trust and belonging. You must trust your employees to do their jobs and you need to build an environment and provide resources that enable our staff to be productive in ways that also encourage self-expression and the open sharing of ideas.

We have a 120-plus-year history of attracting and cultivating talent generation after generation. One of our proudest recent accomplishments is successfully melding many of our veteran staff that have 20-plus years of experience at the League with multiple new hires who are at the very beginning of their public service journey. We value the fresh ideas and perspective that new hires bring with them. We take pride in always being an organization where public service is incubated and matures over time.

Saying we care about our employees is not lip service. It’s a way of life. We care about each employee as a whole person and understand that work life and personal life all come from the same individual. We deeply care about our employees and not just what they can do for us. They choose to rise up for us because they believe in our mission, and they believe in Michigan’s communities. We are invested in each other.
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