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McCall Behavioral Health Network

The McCall Behavioral Health Network is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals heal from substance use disorders, mental health disorders, or both. Founded in the mid-1960s, McCall serves families and individuals of all ages across Western Connecticut. They offer a full continuum of behavioral health services, from prevention and treatment to recovery support and community engagement. Committed to ensuring everyone has access to the resources they may need, the McCall Network is proof of the power of connection. McCall connects with people wherever they are in their recovery journey.

“I’m extremely proud of our diverse network of experienced, highly trained behavioral health care professionals,” said President and CEO Maria Coutant Skinner, LCSW. “We’re passionate about helping individuals and families overcome adversity, build resilience, and achieve wellness.” A network that heals. A community who cares. That's the McCall Behavioral Health Network.
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The purpose of our organization is to provide the people and communities we serve with the behavioral health services they need to heal, lead a healthier and more productive life, and reduce the far-reaching impact of untreated mental health and substance use disorders.... Read more


We will be strong and committed advocates for the needs of the communities and those we serve. We will be a multi-cultural, anti-oppression presence in our communities and within our own organization. Individuals and families will find welcoming, caring, and effective programs and services for their behavioral health needs. We will attend to whole-person health needs and wellness – sometimes through our strong collaborations with partner organizations to ensure that each client’s unique needs are met. Our staff is dedicated, informed, solutions-focused, and draws satisfaction and joy from their work. We will be a learning and teaching environment for all staff and those new to the work.... Read more


We are a nonprofit organization which inspires hope and promotes wellness and healing through a continuum of behavioral health services — prevention, treatment, recovery supports, and community engagement — for individuals of all ages and families across western Connecticut.... Read more


At the McCall Behavioral Health Network, we believe in whole-person care and advocating for the needs of our clients and the communities we serve. We are a Safe Space for the LGBTQ+ community and strive to be a multicultural, anti-oppression presence in our community and within our own organization. Supporting the continuing education and wellbeing of our staff is a top priority.


Torrington, CT


163 US Employees


Behavioral & Mental Health

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