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Ever heard of in-actionable data? Kinda like the results of an autopsy. Would’ve been great to know that Bob had colon cancer a year ago, right? Sorry, too late now. Well, in K-12, that’s exactly what’s happening with end-of-year assessments. Kids take these super long tests in April to ‘show what they learned’ during the past 8 months. In October, when they’ve moved on to their next grade, the results come back and, oh, oops, turns out little Jack didn’t understand how to multiply 12’s and Suzy doesn’t know how to write a thesis statement. Sorry, too late now.

Think of MasteryConnect as a student’s daily/weekly/monthly educational checkup. Our platform changes the focus in education from end-of-year assessments and the traditional letter-based grading system to one of real-time reporting about what students are learning relative to both state and Common Core standards. In other words, our tools help teachers know what their students know at any time with any concept/lesson/subject.
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