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The Maryland Environmental Service (MES) was established by the General Assembly in 1970 to assist with the preservation, improvement, and management of the quality of air, land, water, and natural resources, and to promote the health and welfare of the citizens of the State. Back then, MES was a division within the Maryland Department of Natural Resources with an annual budget of about $413,000 (a little over $3.1 million in 2022 dollars) and twenty-one employees. Today, MES is composed of four main operating groups and employs approximately 750 teammates while operating more than 1,000 environmental projects across Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. As a not-for-profit business unit of the State of Maryland, MES provides multidisciplinary environmental management services to enhance and protect the environment through innovative solutions to the region’s most complex environmental challenges.... Read more


MES is guided by three pillars of success: Safety, Level of Service, and Training and Education.

SAFETY: MES strives for zero fatalities or work-related injuries throughout every level of the organization. There is nothing more important than ensuring that teammates return home safely to their families, friends, and loved ones. Everyone has the responsibility to provide adequate training and equipment to enable staff to work in areas that are hazard-free or if there are hazards they have the proper training and protection and know how to use it.

LEVEL OF SERVICE: We aim to provide the highest level of service to our clients. This means providing our clients with our absolute best efforts, staying focused on the scope of work and our clients’ needs. We will provide thoughtful, accurate, and cost-effective solutions. We will control costs by striving to stay on budget and on schedule. We will work with our clients in the most professional and respectful manner. We will remain current in our approach to technology, management, and innovation.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Growth of knowledge through proper education and training must remain at the forefront of our programmatic plan of action. Teammates must maintain all certifications and stay on top of all safety enhancements in their field. This is a cornerstone of building our clients’ trust and confidence. Our level of service will remain high if we continue to encourage our teammates to pursue a path of lifelong learning.
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VISION STATEMENT: MES is an innovative and leading-edge solver of environmental problems; a responsible and successful manager of environmental operations; and a great place to work.... Read more


MISSION STATEMENT: To provide operational and technical services to protect and enhance the environment for the benefit of the people of Maryland.... Read more


MES's Environmental Ethos
MES was created to “assist with the preservation, improvement, and management of the quality of air, land, water, and natural resources, and to promote the health and welfare of the citizens of the State.” Our team works towards each of these objectives every day. Beyond the environmental mission, MES strives to be a great place to work. We value our employees' time with their family and we strive to make careers with MES rewarding. We place a strong emphasis on lifelong learning and career growth.


Millersville, MD


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