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As a team built by former (and current!) restaurant operators, part of our mission is to bring operators and their accounting teams the same energy, attention to detail, and passion they bring to their guests. Our culture is deeply rooted in service, partially because that’s where so many of our team came from, but also because we believe it is just the right way to run a business. We design our software with profound empathy for the complexity of running a restaurant, and the goal of making the magic just a little easier for operators and their accounting teams by taking the complex (read: very annoying) back office tasks off their plate, while empowering them with real-time data. And we win together. Not just as a team at MarginEdge, but as an industry as a whole. Our solutions were built for the purpose of making operators’ lives easier, so as we grow, we will continue on that path bringing data and best practices to our clients and industry at large.... Read more


As owners/operators we know running a restaurant is really freaking hard. It requires keeping your kitchen staffed and stocked while juggling the mountain of paperwork that comes with running a business. We knew there had to be a better way, so we built one.... Read more


Our dream is for restaurants to one day be able to look back and say, “Remember when we used to use our gut instinct to figure out how much product to buy each week?!” We also believe in crazy things like knowing how much you’ve eaten into your budget during the period, instead of two weeks after, and how much waste your kitchen is producing. Solving these kinds of problems is really freaking hard to do, which is why we develop cutting-edge technology that answers these questions with data science. And we do it all with world-class service that is an extension of who we are as an organization with hospitality in our blood.

Our founders share a long history in both owning and operating restaurants and in building successful tech companies. We are venture-backed, serve 6,700+ restaurants and boast a 92+% client retention rate.
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Together we deliver amazing software and world-class service to restaurant owners, so they can focus on great food and great service.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

We’re down-to-earth, scrappy, and a little rough around the edges (our swear jar is never empty), but we’re also incredibly passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable about our industry and how we can help our clients. In a restaurant, every role is essential to creating exceptional guest experiences—from the busser, to the bartender, to the back office accountant. Every part of the MarginEdge team plays a vital role in the success of our clients and our company. We believe that when we work together, we win together.... Read more


We Value Teamwork
We win together. It's [me] over me.

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